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Johannesburg, 11 Nov 2021

The Zoho One 21 ERP and analytics suite now spans more than 50 apps, an all-new unified operating system for business, a highly versatile unified interface, enhanced AI and BI enterprise search, cross-functional services, expanded marketplace, product enhancements and so much more.

The latest update of Zoho One ERP and analytics software suite with new services, apps and platform enhancements are designed to let global businesses with hybrid work environments streamline data analysis and communications across multiple departments, mobile and remote users.

Zoho One, launched in 2017, is designed to run an entire business in the cloud in a cost-efficient manner. At R525 a month per user (billed on an annual basis), and now spanning more than 50 apps, Zoho is living up to its promise and commitment to users by making itself truly unified at every level capable of creating a unique experience.

The Zoho One update, announced mid-October, is the first major revamp of the suite in two years and will boost Zoho’s image as a serious mid-market ERP player, said Holger Mueller, vice-president and principal analyst at Constellation Research.

“Zoho is living up to its value proposition of being the best SMB ERP package with an integrated platform vision that spans both horizontally and vertically. Zoho One is the culmination of this, adding many more automation offerings for Zoho customers,” Mueller said.

While Zoho One integrates with more than 1 000+ third-party solutions, Zoho scores over rivals as several of the updates will not require third-party applications to run, said Constellation Research's Mueller.

Zoho One's unified experience approach

Managing software for businesses is frequently time-consuming work. However, well-running software is critical to business success! Before Zoho One, the idea of having a single operating system for your entire business appeared improbable and out of reach.

Business owners can now gain access to web-based tools and IT while ensuring the security of their stakeholders' data.

These small enterprises must make it easier for customers to interact with them, expand their customer base beyond their geographical place, and improve their daily administrative tasks. Zoho One ensures that businesses have access to cost-effective tools for running their businesses online.

Apps to drive productivity, collaboration for hybrid workforces

Zoho One offers an array of apps in categories such as marketing, sales, service, finance, BI, IT, HR, service, developer, productivity, collaboration and communication. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Zoho prioritised e-commerce, remote collaboration and data clean-up over other categories and added new apps that would help our customers digitise their businesses.

The comprehensive and customisable Zoho One platform eliminates divisional gaps and improves organisational performance. As a cloud-based operating system, Zoho One allows businesses to integrate all departments, remotely.

Businesses can also tailor Zoho One to their specific needs.

Zoho One includes sales, marketing, customer service, accounting and inventory management, human resource management and communication and collaboration tools. Context-specific data is incorporated into all applications. You pay a single fee across your organisation, and users can access the apps based on their needs.

Zoho One 21 a whole new world of possibilities

Whether you are a new business or an established player moving towards digital transformation, the new unified Zoho One can empower innovation and sustainable growth by unifying every aspect of your business.

With the right apps for you and your teams, improved services across the apps, and extensible platforms with the right integrations to connect them, the all-new Zoho One can effectively solve all your business needs.

With every new release, Zoho One evolves. And as Zoho continues to iterate and improve on this cohesive structure, the unified Zoho One experience will continue improving as well.

At Centrax Systems, we help customers move away from disjointed apps and information silos and enter into this new era of unified experience.

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