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Zoom Fibre: Enhancing connectivity, community, convenience across SA

Johannesburg, 20 Mar 2024
Breaking down barriers to connectivity.
Breaking down barriers to connectivity.

Zoom Fibre, which positions itself as a leading fibre provider in South Africa, is transforming the digital landscape through its innovative prepaid fibre product, Zoom Flex, designed to cater to the evolving needs of South African consumers with unparalleled convenience and flexibility. This initiative reflects Zoom Fibre's commitment to creating a more connected, empowered and inclusive South Africa.

Convenience through diverse payment options

In a significant leap towards enhancing customer convenience, Zoom Fibre has introduced multiple payment methods, ensuring every South African has access to high-speed, reliable internet. Recognising the diversity of its customer base, Zoom Fibre offers seamless online card payments customers to manage their payments easily and securely, at anytime and from anywhere.

Zoom Fibre also acknowledges the importance of providing accessible payment solutions for all South Africans, including those without access to traditional banking facilities. By incorporating innovative payment methods like Scode and Mukuru, Zoom Fibre is breaking down barriers to connectivity. These options ensure that customers can top up their prepaid fibre service at their convenience, fostering digital inclusion across the nation.

Empowering communities through local employment

Beyond connectivity, Zoom Fibre is deeply invested in the communities it serves. A testament to this commitment is the employment of reseller agents directly from local areas. This strategic move not only promotes economic growth within these communities, but also ensures that the services offered by Zoom Fibre are tailored to meet the unique needs of each locality. Through this initiative, Zoom Fibre is not just a service provider but a community partner, working hand in hand with locals to enhance digital access and literacy.

Accessibility via mobile pop-up stands and service centres

Zoom Fibre is dedicated to making its services accessible to as many South Africans as possible. With the introduction of mobile pop-up stands and the roll-out of service centres, starting with a live centre in Ratanda and expanding to other areas in the months ahead, Zoom Fibre is bringing its fibre solutions closer to the people. These points of presence are more than just service outlets; they are hubs of community interaction and education about the benefits and importance of fibre internet connectivity.

These mobile units and service centres allow Zoom Fibre to engage directly with the community, providing first-hand insights into the potential of reliable internet service. Whether for education, business or leisure, Zoom Fibre is committed to ensuring that every South African has the opportunity to connect to the digital world.

A future focused on digital inclusion

Zoom Fibre's initiatives around payment flexibility, local employment and accessibility highlight its dedication to not only providing high-quality internet services but also to building a more connected and digitally inclusive South Africa. Through innovative solutions and community-focused strategies, Zoom Fibre is paving the way for a future where everyone can enjoy the benefits of fast, reliable internet access.

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