ZTE at WAIC 2024: Driving digital infrastructure, AI transformation for openness and win-win

Shanghai, China, 11 Jul 2024
  • ZTE presented its full-stack and full-scenario intelligent computing solution at WAIC 2024, highlighting key achievements in connectivity, computing power, industrial digitalisation and terminals.
  • Hosted by ZTE, the AI Innovation Ecosystem Forum facilitated industry partners and experts to exchange insights and build a thriving intelligent computing ecosystem.
  • ZTE's intelligent computing solutions, including the Nebula Large Model, are driving advancements in various fields such as telecoms network operations, urban governance and industrial parks, promoting digital transformation and efficiency.
ZTE at WAIC 2024.
ZTE at WAIC 2024.

ZTE Corporation (0763.HK / 000063.SZ), which positions itself as a global leading provider of integrated ICT solutions, showcased its comprehensive intelligent computing solution at the World Artificial Intelligence Conference (WAIC) 2024. Under the theme of "Shaping the Intelligent Future with AI", ZTE presented its full-stack and full-scenario intelligent computing solution, covering computing power, networks, capabilities, intelligence and applications.

The company also highlighted innovative solutions and key achievements in connectivity, computing power, industrial digitalisation and terminals. Additionally, ZTE hosted the "AI Innovation Ecosystem Forum", where industry partners and experts exchanged insights and reached consensus on AI advancements, aiming to build a thriving intelligent computing ecosystem and shape a bright AI future.

In addition to the exhibition, ZTE made a notable appearance on the official livestream, sharing insights on establishing a high-performance and reliable computing foundation and promoting the co-building of a dynamic and diverse intelligent computing ecosystem in the evolving AI landscape.

Booming digitalisation: Full-stack intelligent computing solution for highly efficient foundations

Generative AI has spurred growth in the AI industry and technological innovation. At the forefront of AI, ZTE faces various challenges in computing power, energy consumption, datasets, standardisation and commercial applications. In response, ZTE proposes three principles: openness and decoupling, computing and network evolution, and training and inference enhancement. Focusing on customer value, ZTE provides a full-stack and full-scenario intelligent computing solution, helping build a robust AI foundation to empower the digital transformation of various industries.

For the intelligent network foundation, ZTE offers a full series of computing, storage, network and data centre products, establishing a diversified and efficient intelligent computing resource pool. Featuring openness and decoupling, the resource pool supports full compatibility with mainstream GPUs, enabling on-demand resource allocation. Regarding the intelligent computing platform, ZTE provides full-stack toolkits and engines to simplify the training, fine-tuning and deployment of large models, accelerating innovation in AI applications. Fully compatible with mainstream large models, ZTE's solution offers plug-and-play model integration, optimal cost-effectiveness, seamless migration and efficient inference, enabling the deployment of trillion-parameter models on a single GPU. ZTE's Nebula Large Model has been launched in various fields, such as R&D efficiency improvement, telecoms network O&M, urban governance and industrial parks, injecting new productive forces into industries.

Open ecosystem: Synergy with AI to stimulate new momentum for industries

As the AI industry continues to welcome new players, challenges are emerging, such as complex application scenarios, difficulty in demand identification, few common demands and lengthy R&D processes. To address these challenges, ZTE aims to break down silos in the AI chip ecosystem, drive the decoupling and rapid migration of intelligent computing applications, and enable large model training on GPUs from various manufacturers. ZTE collaborates with GPU manufacturers, model manufacturers, telcos and industry partners to empower diverse intelligent computing and build an open and decoupled AI ecosystem. By leveraging complementary strengths, ZTE strives to build a thriving ecosystem together.

To apply digital and intelligent technologies practically, ZTE has partnered with over 1 000 leading industry partners to advance transformation in 15 sectors, including industrial manufacturing, government affairs, water resource management and urban rail transit, effectively facilitating the upgrade of industry value chains.

Intelligent manufacturing: Empowering industry upgrades with digital and intelligent innovations

The intelligent transformation of the manufacturing sector faces challenges such as rising costs, intense market competition, inventory backlogging, low flexibility in production processes and insufficient data utilisation. In response to accelerating industrial digitalisation, ZTE empowers intelligent manufacturing with cutting-edge digital technologies, setting a leading example of intelligent manufacturing in China.

As both a telecoms equipment company and an intelligent manufacturing enterprise, ZTE actively explores future factory models by leveraging its extensive experience and best practices. Based on the solution of "industrial field network + Digital Nebula", technologies such as robotics, digital twins, AI and industrial metaverse are applied across multiple production scenarios, reducing costs and improving efficiency. With the integration of "connectivity + computing power + large models for manufacturing", ZTE's factories are evolving from "digital and intelligent" to "highly flexible, automated and collaborative".

AI for All: Building full-scenario intelligent ecosystem 3.0

As AI reshapes future society and brings new opportunities, smart terminals will extend the boundaries of our work and life. Guided by the philosophy of "Tech for Good", ZTE develops a wide array of AI terminals under the "AI for All" product strategy. At the conference, ZTE unveiled the AI-driven, full-scenario intelligent ecosystem 3.0, showcasing innovative AI applications in various scenarios, including AI eyewear-free 3D display, AI simultaneous interpretation and dialect translation, AI fraud detection and prevention, AI in business and content creation, the CUBE engine of RedMagic for AI gaming, and AI image generation.

All in AI: Bringing intelligence everywhere

As AI drives the new industrial revolution, the fusion of 5G-A and AI is catalysing new momentum, enhancing the quality, efficiency and ecosystem of mobile communications. For digitalisation and networking, ZTE has developed the composable Digital Nebula architecture, offering one-stop solutions encompassing networks, computing, clouds and services. With Digital Nebula, ZTE tailors efficient digital foundations for industry customers by upgrading connectivity, applications and productivity. Additionally, by exploring full-stack AI solutions to unlock native intelligence in 6G networks, ZTE is reconstructing wireless networks and promoting comprehensive upgrades in service models, network capabilities and spectrum efficiency from three aspects: customised services, NaaS and scenario-specific algorithms.

ZTE has implemented several practices, such as building the world's first 5G-A native production line at Guangzhou MINO Equipment and the industry's first 5G-A flexible production line at its Nanjing Binjiang Intelligent Manufacturing Base, leveraging 5G for higher production efficiency. Furthermore, the company's use of industrial large models has yielded significant benefits—the troubleshooting cycle has been shortened by 30%, and the workforce needed for quality inspections has been reduced by 70%.

Embracing the tech wave driven by new intelligent technologies, ZTE will continue to strengthen innovation in core technologies, accelerate expansion towards "connectivity + computing power", and consolidate the computing foundation with ingenuity. Together with partners, ZTE aims to promote the growth of the intelligent computing industry and create a highly efficient, digital world.



ZTE helps to connect the world with continuous innovation for a better future. The company provides innovative technologies and integrated solutions, and its portfolio spans all series of wireless, wireline, devices and professional telecommunications services. Serving over a quarter of the global population, ZTE is dedicated to creating a digital and intelligent ecosystem, and enabling connectivity and trust everywhere. ZTE is listed on both the Hong Kong and Shenzhen Stock Exchanges.






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