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ZTE unveils full-stack, full-scenario intelligent computing infrastructure at MWC Shanghai 2024

* ZTE showcased its full-stack and full-scenario intelligent computing infrastructure for large model training and inference.
* ZTE is committed to fostering an open and decoupled AI ecosystem.

Shanghai, China, 27 Jun 2024
ZTE's full-stack and full-scenario intelligent computing infrastructure.
ZTE's full-stack and full-scenario intelligent computing infrastructure.

ZTE Corporation (0763.HK / 000063.SZ), which positions itself as a global leading provider of integrated ICT solutions, has showcased its full-stack and full-scenario intelligent computing infrastructure at MWC Shanghai 2024. This initiative has laid a solid digital foundation for industries and spearheaded the AI+ era.

Driven by the wave of digital intelligence, the demand for massive computing power continues to grow, making intelligent computing power a pivotal force in advancing the digital economy. With respect to the hardware, ZTE's solution offers a comprehensive range of intelligent computing products across all scenarios, fully compatible with industry-leading GPUs, providing users with diverse options and enhancing the performance and stability of computing resources through holistic optimisation of computing, storage and network capabilities.

In terms of software platforms, ZTE provides an efficient and user-friendly AI platform that enhances engineering capabilities for large model training and inference through comprehensive toolkits. This reduces barriers for tasks such as large-model training, fine-tuning and inference deployment.

ZTE provides a full-stack intelligent computing product that integrates leading performance and independent innovation to meet the requirements of diversified intelligent computing centres across all scenarios.

Full series and full scenarios: ZTE offers high-performance training servers, cost-effective inference servers, integrated cabinets for out-of-the-box training and inference, a comprehensive series of general computing servers, high-performance file storage and high-performance RoCE switches. These products cater to the needs of constructing diversified intelligent computing centres from the core to the edge.

Ultimate price/performance ratio: ZTE supports resource pooling, virtualisation, unified management and scheduling of heterogeneous computing power and dynamic adjustment of training and inference resource ratios to maximise the utilisation of intelligent computing resources.

Green and energy-saving: ZTE adopts intelligent busbars and implements energy storage pools to achieve adjustable and flexible power consumption of cabinets. The data centre incorporates global PUE management, including global thermal design in the design phase, optimal airflow design in the solution phase, customised flow channel design and real-time AI optimisation in the operation and maintenance phase. Additionally, by combining high-efficiency working media such as oil-based fluids, fluorinated liquids and de-ionised water in liquid cooling servers, along with heat dissipation and diversion optimisation technologies of the indium chip, ZTE achieves a final PUE reduction to 1.1.

Open ecosystem: ZTE continuously promotes software/hardware decoupling, training and inference decoupling, and model decoupling to build a fully open and decoupled intelligent computing ecosystem.

ZTE will continue to advance its exploration in the field of intelligent computing, collaborating with global operators and industry partners to drive the advancement of AI technologies and facilitate the digital and intelligent transformation across various industries.



ZTE helps to connect the world with continuous innovation for a better future. The company provides innovative technologies and integrated solutions, and its portfolio spans all series of wireless, wireline, devices and professional telecommunications services. Serving over a quarter of the global population, ZTE is dedicated to creating a digital and intelligent ecosystem, and enabling connectivity and trust everywhere. ZTE is listed on both the Hong Kong and Shenzhen Stock Exchanges.






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