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ZTE wins Best Telco Cloud Strategy award with its 5G system automatic integration solution

Shenzhen, China, 11 Oct 2021

ZTE Corporation (0763. HK / 000063.SZ), a major international provider of telecommunications, enterprise and consumer technology solutions for the mobile internet, has won the Best Telco Cloud Strategy award, with its 5G system automatic integration solution for software-defined integration, at the 2021 5G World Summit. That has demonstrated ZTE's innovation capabilities and leading position in 5G. 

To solve the integration pain points in 5G NFV network construction, ZTE has innovatively put forward the concept of software-defined integration in its 5G system automatic integration solution. By reconstructing integration processes and responsibility matrix, the solution defines the integration processes and steps as instruction sets in a unified manner, and orchestrates the steps in series or parallel mode, simplifying the integration and improving the efficiency.

Besides, the solution takes AIC (Automatic Integration Center) as the support platform of software-defined integration and boosts AIC’s development by advanced technology throughout the network life cycle of pre-research, incubation, laboratory pre-integration, engineering construction and network O&M. It separates integration control from execution, and completes the end-to-end integration processes through software, tools and standardisation, further realising the end-to-end process automation in 5G NFV network integration.

To date, this solution has been successfully approved in 5G commercial networks in many countries, such as China and Austria. It has become an important measure to facilitate network transformation and improve construction efficiency.

The 5G World Award, as one of the most influential awards around the world, is organised by the world's leading telecoms and media market research company, Informa, aiming to recognise the 5G leaders for their great commitment to continuous innovation and outstanding achievements in the telecoms industry. 


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