Karabina leads the way in providing skills of data science, AI, machine learning

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Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning technologies are showing amazing capacity to augment human decision-making. From cancer-cell identification to urban crime prevention, complex problems are being reduced to tasks where algorithms can learn from existing data and add value quickly.

In businesses across the globe, leaders are looking for opportunities for these disruptive tools to help engage and empower customers and employees, optimise operations and transform products. When you combine machine learning with the massive proliferation of big data, cloud capacity, and mobile connectivity, it is clear that now is the time to take advantage of AI possibilities.

Two elements are required for success with machine learning initiatives: firstly, the ability to collate, cleanse and prepare large volumes of data for the relevant algorithms to process and learn from. Second is the capability to build and optimise appropriate models to take advantage of this data to answer the business problems posed.

What is apparent is the lack of skills worldwide to deliver on business expectations - some experts estimate that recruiters will be unable to fill over 100 000 data science roles in the US alone over the next few years. Most businesses will find it difficult to attract and retain the skills necessary to succeed with any of their data science initiatives.

Karabina, a South African based Microsoft Gold Partner, believes AI and machine learning will take businesses to the next level, driving true digital transformation with data insights and machine learning models. Karabina's experience in the data management and analytics arena is enviable - the company has been awarded Microsoft Partner of the Year in Data Analytics 11 times, and has delivered hundreds of successful data projects over the last 17 years. It has also brought business and technical experience to bear on solving a variety of machine learning problems for clients recently, such as preventing fraud in the insurance sector, predicting workforce attrition and targeting customers with a high propensity to purchase.

Karabina believes the Microsoft Azure platform is leading the industry, with the availability of impressive machine learning engines, template-driven solutions and great pricing; and uses Azure as a base for all of its AI solutions.

In terms of helping to close the skills gap, Karabina is recruiting and certifying new employees on the Microsoft Data Science Professional training program, and enabling these employees to face real-world challenges with their customers, on completion. They are also working with educational institutions in order to bring the value of data and AI to its customers.

Grant van der Wal, Karabina CEO, says: "Karabina's focus is on bringing our people, Microsoft technology and partner products together into experiences and solutions that deliver new value for customers. This is embodied in our investment in data, AI and machine learning, and the skilled and reliable technical resources we can offer combined with relevant business experience."

If you are looking for high returns, such as reducing customer churn and employee attrition, requirements to optimise your processes or get your hands on previously unknown insights about your business, then contact Karabina for a discussion on how to accelerate your drive to the cloud and a modern data environment.


Karabina's focus is on bringing its people, the Microsoft Cloud Platform and partner products together into experiences and solutions that deliver new value for its customers through six key competency areas:

* Data management & analytics
* Customer engagement
* Digital workplace
* Corporate performance management
* Dynamic operations
* Cloud OS

Founded in 2001, with a current staff complement of over 190 consultants, all focused on Microsoft technology and customer success and over 72 international and local awards, Karabina is the leading Microsoft Gold Partner with the ability to lead your move to the Microsoft Cloud, with solutions that align technology to business strategy.

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