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Acronis introduces universal licence for Advanced Backup - supports Windows, Linux, all major hypervisors, unlimited VMs

One licence provides the best possible data backup and system protection on physical and virtual servers, immediately available at an introductory 30% discount till end September 2014.

Johannesburg, 15 Aug 2014
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Acronis, the global data protection company, has introduced a single licence of Acronis Backup Advanced that provides backup and disaster-recovery on all major platforms. This makes it easy for users with a heterogeneous environment to acquire a single licence that can be quickly deployed on any of their industry-standard servers and systems to provide comprehensive backup and DR capability.

"This is a single solution that provides unmatched backup and DR flexibility and capability," says Peter French, solutions director Acronis distributor Synapsys.

Whether you are using Windows or Linux servers, virtual machines under VMware or Hyper-V, under Citrix XenServer, RHEV or Oracle VM, heterogeneous or mixed environments, with or without applications such as Microsoft Exchange, SQL Server, SharePoint and Active Directory - one thing is certain: Your IT environment needs an extensive, secure and controllable complete solution for data protection and disaster recovery.

"Because of its modular architecture, our Acronis Backup Advanced products provide high-performance backups and disaster recovery for virtual and physical servers, business-critical applications and workstations in a single, cross-system, integrated and complete solution," French says.

"Scalable from one up to a thousand servers, they also provide unlimited flexibility - even if your requirements change over time, you will always have the best possible protection."

For any organisation of any size

The Universal Licence is ideal for any organisation with an IT infrastructure with Windows/Linux servers and/or virtual environments under Hyper-V, VMware, Citrix XenServer, Red Hat/Linux, Oracle or Parallels - because having unrestricted access to all of the functions of Acronis Backup Advanced provides, thanks to the standardised Acronis AnyData Engine and the use of a standardised backup format. "This one solution provides extensive data protection and disaster recovery for any IT environment," says French.

The Acronis Backup Advanced Universal Licence makes a full system image that can be restored to any physical or virtual machine. It also supports granular recovery of Microsoft Exchange, SQL Server, SharePoint and Active Directory items.

Included standard is Acronis Universal Restore, which allows a system to be restored to dissimilar hardware or a virtual machine, with transportability of images between heterogeneous systems and across different hypervisors.

The standard Acronis Deduplication is a block-level software deduplicator that can help to optimise storage and network utilisation for backups of large datasets.

The Acronis licence itself is perpetual and never expires, so no annual licensing fees are due. One licence is required per physical machine, and unlimited VMs are supported per host. All Acronis Backup products include an initial 12 months of maintenance and support, enabling 24x7x365 support directly from Acronis (with a local number), and free upgrades to any new versions released during the maintenance subscription period. The maintenance and support subscription is optionally renewable.

"This Universal Licence provides unlimited access to all of the functions of Acronis Backup Advanced, at a price that would normally provide only a single solution at best," concludes Peter French. "And with the 30% introductory promotion until the end of September, this is a fantastic opportunity for organisations to implement the award-winning Acronis backup and DR solution."

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