Britehouse Holdings acquires Firestring

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Britehouse Holdings has today formally announced its acquisition of a 60% stake in Firestring for an undisclosed amount. Britehouse is a market leader in delivering SAP and Microsoft services, as well as solutions designed specifically for the new world of work, which is mobile, social and increasingly semantic.

Firestring has developed a unique and revolutionary social-semantic engine that analyses large volumes of corporate unstructured information and creates automated meta-data tags, thus creating unprecedented levels of corporate information 'findability'.

Scott Gibson, Group CEO of Britehouse, says: "I am delighted with the acquisition as it will create a natural base within the organisation for far greater levels of innovation. We are driving a strategy of new product innovation in our group, and Firestring provides us with an offering around which to build customer solutions and enhance our SAP and Microsoft solutions."

Natural synergies

The acquisition will enable Britehouse to further pursue its strategy of ensuring that all of the applications it implements and builds will incorporate social and mobile intelligent platforms.

The Britehouse businesses and Firestring have some additional natural synergies in that the Britehouse Big Data strategy will leverage off the Semantic Web 3 style technologies of Firestring. Firestring Joint CEO, Alison Jacobson, believes that if enterprises owned the Web technologies, currently in use in the consumer space, their knowledge management processes would become extremely dynamic. Searching for enterprise information would become as easy as using as a traditional Web search engine. The Firestring technology can enable this functionality behind the corporate firewall or in the cloud.

Building reseller channel for Africa

Firestring has been proactively building a reseller channel in South Africa to resell its product sets, and has already engaged with a number of local partners. The next step is to create a reseller channel across Africa and the Middle East.

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