Petabyte traffic threshold reached

Cape Town, 14 Feb 2017
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In November last year Hetzner reached a significant milestone when its outbound traffic exceeded the 1 petabyte (or 1 000 terabytes and 1 000 000 gigabytes) threshold per month.

It is always its intention that its customers benefit from its economies of scale, and being such a large consumer of bandwidth allows it to keep its pricing favourable for its customers.

Hetzner passes on third-party discounts directly to its customers, and this large volume of traffic generated across its network allows it to purchase bandwidth at reduced rates. This is why it was able to drastically reduce its traffic tariffs for its customers last year - by up to 70%.

The outbound traffic i.e. traffic that exits its network to the Internet, peaked at 1.1 petabytes in November. The total bandwidth usage across its Johannesburg and Cape Town networks was 1.7 petabytes. This represents an increase of 130% compared to November the previous year. While December is always a lower volume month, these increased traffic volumes are continuing this year.

Hetzner's traffic ratios have remained consistent to the 30/70 split between international and local (SA) traffic despite the increase in traffic volumes.

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