New Yorker catches all 142 Pokémon

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In this week's Worldwide Wrap, we find out about the US's first Pokémon master, and find out how Apple is cashing in on the mobile game.

New Yorker catches all 142 Pokémon

A New York City Pokémon Go player has become the US's first person to catch all of the 142 Pokémon listed on the US Pok'edex, or Pokémon directory.

Reportedly there are 151 catchable Pokémon in the mobile game, although three are regionally exclusive to Europe, Asia, and Australia, and six have not been sighted since the game's debut on 6 July.
Via: Mashable

Apple to make billions off Pokémon Go

Apple stands to reap $3 billion in revenue from Pokémon Go within the next year or two, according to analysts.

While the game itself is free, players can buy Pok'eCoins - in-game currency - from Apple's app store, and Apple receives a cut of these payments.
Via: The Guardian

Tinder launches group dates

Matchmaking mobile app Tinder is introducing a new feature called "Tinder Social", which aims to help people meet up with groups of potential friends they have found on the app.

While the feature is ostensibly aimed at friendship, some have pointed out that it could be used to orchestrate group romantic or sexual relationships.
Via: BBC News

Facebook to start streaming sport

USA Basketball and the NBA will be live-streaming a selection of exhibition games via their Facebook pages over the next two weeks.

The games will be aired live only, with no opportunity to access cached versions later.
Via: Wired

Japan's last VCR-maker to press stop

Funai Electric, one of the world's last remaining videocassette recorder (VCR) manufacturers, will shut down its production line on 30 July.

The company cites declining sales and difficulty obtaining parts as reasons for ending production.
Via: New York Post

iOS flaw lets hackers control Apple devices

An iOS flaw is allowing hackers to take over Apple devices using malicious images in messages sent via Apple's iMessage application.

Users of Apple's iPhones, iPads, Apple Watches and Apple TVs are urged to update their software to avoid cyber-attack.
Via: The Guardian

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