88mph, Samsung promote start-ups

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88mph has partnered with Samsung Electronics Africa to provide three start-ups with possible placement in the Built for Africa App store.

The start-ups will also benefit from Samsung's extensive distribution network across multiple territories in Africa.

"88mph is extremely excited about partnering with a company like Samsung, and being a filter for sourcing great products for their platform," said Kresten Buch, founder and MD of 88mph. According to Buch, teaming up with great companies is part of 88mph's goal to add value to start-ups beyond investment.

The partnership is expected to build and drive consumer awareness.

"We are focused on delivering high-quality, environment-specific mobile products to our consumers across Africa, backed by locally developed and relevant content," says Thabiet Allie, head of content and services for Samsung Electronics Africa. Allie added that the aims of the partnership are to satisfy consumer needs in Africa, to promote sustainable business, and to help drive growth on the continent.

The partnership also entails potential co-branding opportunities aimed at growth of locally relevant content and services for Africa, such as Samsung's recent deals with Universal Music, DSTV, Pana TV and eKitabu.

According to Sylvia Brune, head of partnerships at 88mph, the partnership will attract start-ups with more mature products, as well as international start-ups looking to target emerging markets.

"It's an extremely rare opportunity to be able to reach millions of your target users in such a short period of time," concluded Brune.

Product packages that consider the physical and infrastructural demands of Africa will receive special focus alongside sectors that Samsung is particularly interested in, including: education, entertainment and health, among others.

To be eligible for this opportunity, start-ups should apply to 88mph before 1 August.

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