Laserfiche brings content management to iDevices

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Laserfiche brings content management to iDevices

Beyond e-mail and Web browsing lurks a world where handheld devices are actually used for productivity, Network Computing reports.

Yes, iPhones and the like certainly know how to have fun, but there comes a time when real work needs to get done. This is where apps like the new Laserfiche Mobile content management app remind us of the sheer productivity power of smartphones and tablets.

Laserfiche is in the business of enterprise content management (ECM), and has large and small business platforms (Avante and Rio, respectively). So what does ECM have to do with wireless and mobility? These days, a lot.

The content part of enterprise content management can be thought of as an organisation's crown jewels - important and sensitive documents subject to policy, regulatory compliance and general good-handling practices. Given that many of Laserfiche's customers are government agencies and Fortune 1 000 companies, one can imagine the importance of the collective file stores we're talking about.

Laserfiche Mobile for iPad provides secure access to documents, metadata and audiovisual files stored in the Laserfiche repository, IDM writes.

It enables users to create and upload new electronic documents and tracks and audits all mobile activity occurring in Laserfiche.

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