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Understanding legal contracts for IT professionals

Cape Town, 17 Feb 2016
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Contracting on the wrong terms and conditions can be detrimental to your company. In order to assist your company to contract for the best terms and conditions when procuring IT goods or services, ENSafrica, in collaboration with R&L Business Development, has introduced a workshop to provide IT professionals with a better understanding of legal contractual issues in the IT sphere.

The workshop seeks to address the need for IT professionals to obtain a better understanding of how contracts work and how to use the contracting process to derive value for your company.

This workshop is aimed at IT, legal and procurement professionals who negotiate and conclude ICT contracts on a regular basis and who wish to improve their understanding of the legal aspects of such contracts. The workshop will provide practical guidelines and advice specifically tailored for contracting in the IT sector.

The two-day workshop will cover:

* general introduction to contracts;
* how ICT contracts are structured;
* how to start a legal process to conclude a sound ICT contract;
* understanding "lawyer speak" and standard clauses in ICT contracts;
* understanding key IT terms and typical conditions in ICT contracts;
* understanding the various types of IT contracts, including software, hardware, SLAs, outsourcing and cloud contracts;
* understanding the negotiation process for ICT contracts;
* understanding international practices, standards and ways of doing things in ICT contracts;
* issues to be aware of in ICT contracts;
* measures to mitigate various types of risk in ICT contracts;
* contract and service level management in ICT contracts and how this should be implemented;
* understanding jargon/terms in ICT contracts;
* basic drafting skills for IT professionals; and
* much, much more.

This workshop will enable you to negotiate and conclude a valuable ICT contract for your company. Whether you are involved in IT sales, marketing, business development, service management, IT procurement, or the drafting work orders, statements of work and the like, this workshop is an absolute must. It will enhance your understanding of legal contracts and help you to add value to your customers and suppliers. It will also ease the burden on your company's internal processes.

Courses are held in Johannesburg and Cape Town. Course dates and further information are available on request from ENSafrica.

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