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Cape Town, 18 Apr 2016
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One of South Africa's leading car sales Web sites,, has grown substantially in the past few years. With their Web site on its way to 1 million unique browsers, there was a need for a custom hosting solution (CHS) that offered high volume traffic management services.

As a long-standing customer of Hetzner's services and with their continued growth, the team signed up for Hetzner's CHS service. Hetzner's custom hosting was chosen based on their ability to handle both the volumes and technical requirements necessary to ensure exceptional service and uptime infrastructure in support of the over 25 million monthly page impressions received on

Hetzner's (CHS) offering has become sought-after by high-volume online retailers, thanks to its dedicated team and server management expertise. "The move to Hetzner CHS meant that we were able to efficiently scale our growing hosting requirements while continuing to concentrate on servicing our growing customer base", explains Mark Geldart, head of marketing at

The hosting solution is designed to withstand surges of traffic, which is exceptionally important for Web sites that receive high traffic volumes. Hetzner's CHS service not only offers the highest levels of speed and security, it also boasts a level of configurational flexibility that allows it to be customised and updated based on changing needs.

In addition to the hands-on support by the CHS team, Hetzner's well-positioned and fully-redundant data centre in Samrand (Gauteng), offers a highly reliable hosting environment, assuring the team that they can consistently deliver a crisp, seamless experience to their Web site users.

Hetzner's fully managed CHS solution is designed for the e-commerce environment, offering customers a high level of flexibility that allows them to scale their offering based on the demands of their business. "The scalability of Hetzner's Custom Hosting Solution is definitely something that appeals to our e-commerce customers. The Hetzner team works in partnership with our customers to ensure that we're able to meet their existing online requirements, as well as make provision for long-term growth," concludes Athena Turner, Hetzner's marketing and communications manager.

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