SiteBuilder update brings added security enhancements

Johannesburg, 04 Aug 2020
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We’re always excited to share additional tools and features that make it as easy as possible for our customers to get their work done. From 29 July 2020, our existing SiteBuilder customers will be upgraded to version 3.4. This version offers new enhancements, including the much-requested password protection for pages.

What is SiteBuilder?

SiteBuilder is a Web site publishing tool, provided by CM4all, on the xneelo hosting platform. This drag-and-drop Web design software lets you create a professional-looking Web site without any previous experience. SiteBuilder provides a selection of specially designed templates that are flexible and easy to change.

Changing the design elements of your site is easy. Use the drag-and-drop option to position your content, and click to change colours, add or remove images.

What’s new with version 3.4?

The new features of version 3.4 make it easy to add additional pages and widgets to your Web site. It also includes user access management and secure connection improvements. However, the most significant enhancement of this version is password protection for all pages.

This new feature helps protect your content, making it available to a select group of users with access rights. Password-protected pages will be marked with a lock icon in the ‘pages’ overview, accessible only to authorised users or groups. If unauthorised users visit your page, they will be prompted with a login screen. This is an ideal way to share content with a select group of users or to make updates to your site before making them live.

Version 3.4 also supports HTTPS for published Web sites, unlike previous SiteBuilder versions. Other new features include minor UI improvements and the addition of illustrations. If you have an empty page on your site, you can let your visitors know this page is a work in progress with the ‘no contents yet’ new graphic. As many SiteBuilder users have requested, this version supports SVG files within the content and logo area as well.

The updated SiteBuilder tools let you build a professional-looking Web site with just a few clicks. That means more time for you to focus on building your business.

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