Hisense launches Infinity H30 series phones

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Infinity H30 and H30 Lite.
Infinity H30 and H30 Lite.

Chinese electronics and mobile manufacturer Hisense has launched the Infinity H30 smartphone series at a launch event in Johannesburg.

The Infinity H30 and H30 Lite LTE are the latest flagships from the company, following last year's H12 and the previous years’ H11, F24 and E7 models, which are part of its Infinity range.

The Infinity H30 series is powered by the MediaTek Helio P70 artificial intelligence (AI) chipset, which Hisense says provides a good user experience through deep power-efficiency improvements, further feature upgrades and clock-speed enhancements.

The Hisense Infinity H30 has a 6.5-inch waterdrop notch display with a screen-to-body ratio of 83.3%, giving users a cinematic experience for watching movies and other types of videos.

One of its distinguishing factors is the large battery, sized 4 530mAh, which has AI power saving, allowing for a longer battery life of up to two days without charging.

Both models come in two colours, Ice Blue and Violet Ocean, and are available now in South Africa through mobile network operator stores and other cellular retailers.

The pricing starts at R2 999 cash or R199 per month on contact for the H30 Lite, while the H30 goes for R5 600 cash or from R299 on contract.

Speaking at the launch today, Liam Faurie, head of marketing and product planning at Hisense SA, explained: “Infinity H30 and H30 Lite are our local flagship phones; however, they don’t come with a flagship price, and that’s the beauty of it. Our price is appealing to the average South African who wants a phone that is equipped with all the latest features.

“This is an upgraded, refreshed version of the H12 and H12 Lite. It has a bigger screen, a bigger and long-lasting battery, with a dual rear camera that can identify 16 different scenarios thanks to advanced AI algorithms, facial recognition and face identity capabilities. When you take a photo, it intuitively chooses the most applicable exposure and colour adjustments for that perfect shot.”

The phones compete with brands such as the Samsung A-series, the Huawei Y-series, and the Nokia 6 and 7.

Speaking of the local smartphone market, Faurie noted: “The smartphone market has contracted compared to what we’ve seen in previous years; however, the price of smartphones is increasing. So this means the volume of the market is shrinking but the value is on the increase. This is why people are paying around R30 000 and even R40 000 for the latest phones.

“Hisense realises the average South African cannot afford to pay so much for a phone. This is why we have introduced an affordable phone, which has everything a user will require, whether it’s used for lifestyle purposes or performing business functions.”

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