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Eskom SePush eyes extra services as users surge to 500K

Founders of the load-shedding notification app plan to provide general municipality updates and expand the service to Botswana.


Cloud predictions for 2019 and beyond

As we enter the third phase of cloud adoption, only 50% of global applications will run on public cloud as private clouds gain more traction, says Cloudistics.


SA tech start-up expands after multimillion-dollar funding

The RapidDeploy cloud-based emergency dispatch platform will grow its operations and workforce after raising equity funding from two venture capital firms.


Expect cloud ROI within a year

While migrating to the cloud is not cheap, an average business can gain an ROI within a year of implementing the tech, says Britehouse.


Private cloud 3.0 is here

Poised to be the third wave of the cloud revolution, private cloud 3.0will be adopted by forward-thinking organisations, says Cloudistics.


Smartphones unleash the next biometric revolution

The mobile biometrics market will surge as smartphone owners increasingly use fingerprint, facial, speech and iris recognition for authentication.


African tech start-ups invited to Startupbootcamp accelerator

The search for start-ups that have developed tech solutions for positive change in Africa is on.

8 Feb

Everyone to own a digital assistant in future

The current proliferation rate ofdigital personal assistants will result in one robot for every person in the future, says UiPath.


Obsessive selfie perfection leads to 'Snapchat dysmorphia

The rise of picture-perfect photo-editing apps and social media filters drives users to drastic measures to achieve the "perfect selfie" look, resulting in a mental disorder.


Rockwell Automation SSA gets new MD

Henry Craukamp succeeds Barry Elliot, who moves to a new role as VP of enterprise accounts for heavy industries.


Former SAP man appointed as SAS country manager

Akesh Lalla will be responsible for expanding the company's outreach to unexplored market segments and driving its revenue growth.


Mission Billion Challenge seeks digital ID innovations

World Bank and Absa prepare for the Mission Billion Challenge, which aims to find solutions to provide digital identity for the world's "invisible billion".

Sibahle Malinga
ITWeb journalist.

Sibahle Malinga, ITWeb journalist.