Sibahle Malinga

Industrial cyber crime reaches 'pandemic proportions'

Industrial cyber crime levels have escalated significantly over the past year, as criminals stop at nothing to bring city metros to their feet.


5G to create infinite opportunities, but clarity needed

While 5G is set to boom globally, more clarity is needed on its technical rollout requirements, to achieve its envisioned value.


Affiliate Centre will prepare SA for Industry 4.0

The planned centre, in partnership with the World Economic Forum, will ensure SA quickly moves towards the fourth industrial revolution.


BPA eliminates 'messy middle' business processes

Future Advisory's Herman Singh discusses the importance of business process automation in bridging gaps between islands of automation in firms.


Fintech firm uses analytics to offer affordable palliative care

New fintech start-up Alignd uses data analytics to profile patients, offering medical schemes affordable healthcare alternatives.


SAP Next-Gen brings 'Women in Data Science' to SA

The global Stanford University-led data science initiative comes to SA, aiming to guide and support female data scientists.


UiPath plans to drive expansion in SA

Four months after opening an office in SA, the firm implements several automation deployments, with plans to strengthen local partnerships.


WesBank's RPA Academy creates digital-savvy employees

WesBank's Corne Janse van Rensburg discusses how the financial institution's academy up-skills employees, helping them deliver operational agility.


How business process automation can be biased

Future Advisory CEO Herman Singh discusses the gains and pitfalls of implementing a business process automation system.


AI will create more jobs than it destroys

The future of jobs is not as gloomy as perceived, with artificial intelligence expected to spur the growth of more jobs than it replaces, say experts.


Human-machine collaboration presents workplace challenges

Human resources departments will face future stumbling blocks in managing the human-machine relationship, says IDC's Ranjit Rajan.


Huawei ramps-up 5G efforts, targets $200bn revenue

Despite the US ban, the Chinese telco maintains strong growth and eyes a 20% revenue increase in 2019, pushed by 5G offerings.

Sibahle Malinga
ITWeb journalist.

Sibahle Malinga, ITWeb journalist.