Reduce the operational costs of recovery with Collections Virtual Agent

Johannesburg, 23 Nov 2018
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With the growing number of defaults by debtors, the uncertainty of businesses recovering money is becoming increasingly higher. Today, companies need strategies to reduce operating costs at the same time as needing to maximise their effectiveness without affecting their income.

The Collections Virtual Agent automates the collection process between the company and the debtor, which is done by emulating the experience given by an agent.

The Collections Virtual Agent follows the same business rules and uses the same inbound and outbound contact channels (voice, SMS, e-mail, Web chat and mobile applications) to recover debt more efficiently.

Collections Virtual Agent from Enghouse Interactive optimises the outcome of operations:

* Reduces operating costs in the contact centre.
* Increases the overall effectiveness of the collections process.
* Multi-channel processes are based on business rules, customer profiles, sector requirements and world-class security standards.
* Gives business a 360o view of the collection result to allow for further optimisation of existing business processes.
* Uses an autonomous system that is fully integrated with the existing contact centre solution.

Download more information regarding this tool here and find out how a powerful self-service solution can transform your company's collections operations. Get a free ROI estimate of this solution.

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