Blue Turtle helps customers optimise their cloud landscape

Customers using the OPTIMISE service enjoy significant cost savings, resource and system optimisation while improving performance in their virtual and cloud environments.

Johannesburg, 27 Jan 2020
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Blue Turtle Technologies today announced OPTIMISE, the third pillar of its Journey to the Cloud programme. This key component helps customers to drive the most value from their cloud deployments and ensures systems continue to perform optimally, whether they are on-premises or in the cloud.

Ideal for customers already making inroads into the cloud, the OPTIMISE service assists in solving performance issues and improving resource consumption. Making use of third-party optimisation tools, as well as tapping into the experience of the Blue Turtle technical services team, OPTIMISE delivers real and obvious cost-savings, performance and productivity gains.

"Post migration, optimisation is often overlooked, yet it delivers major benefits. By using leading-edge software, we can help IT deliver an exceptional user experience, and cut operating costs – two things that traditionally don’t fit well together,” states Avash Maharaj, Head of Infrastructure, Cloud and Security at Blue Turtle. “Whether it be virtual or IaaS performance, resource consumption or database services, we work across the IT ecosystem to ensure a client’s systems are functioning in the best possible way.”

The third pillar in Blue Turtle’s client-centric cloud migration programme, OPTIMISE follows on from ASSESS and MIGRATE, and provides the techniques a customer needs to turn a cloud deployment into an ongoing success. It tackles cost analysis, workload rightsizing, resource allocation, system consolidation and user experience, all key elements in ensuring that a multi or hybrid cloud deployment is a success.

The Blue Turtle Journey to the Cloud programme is developed around five key pillars, namely ASSESS, MIGRATE, OPTIMISE, SECURE and MANAGE. Each component is designed to address specific challenges customers face when mobilising to the cloud and supported by Blue Turtle's management and technical team, underpinned by market-leading and proven software.

An OPTIMISE engagement service comprises a set of services that deliver benefits in specific areas, including:

Workload consolidation

Workload placement – IaaS, PaaS, virtual, container

Performance assurance

Container & VM density improvement

Dynamic resource allocation

Wasted resource identification

Consumption analysis

Cloud cost reduction

"By optimising a client's virtual and cloud real estate, we give them insights into the validity of hosting workloads within different environments. Some companies backpedal out of the cloud because they just weren't aware of how much it would cost them; cloud spend creep is a very real challenge. Our entire Journey to the Cloud programme has been designed so that our customers know what they are signing up for, that their service will run effectively, and that costs can be managed – without any nasty surprises," ends Maharaj.

Join Blue Turtle at the Microsoft Ignite 2020 Conference at the Sandton Convention Centre between 30-31 January 2020, where it is a Gold Sponsor for the event. Its Cloud team will be on hand to guide you through its Journey to the Cloud programme and help you OPTIMISE your IT environment

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