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CineMagic App launches in SA as entertainment continues to go mobile

Johannesburg, 31 Jul 2020
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From organising our diaries and making shopping lists to messaging friends and monitoring social media, our smartphones are handy for all kinds of activities these days.

However, did you ever imagine that you would get the chance to watch TV shows and movies that are specifically designed for such devices? That is exactly what an intriguing new app released in South Africa is now offering.

Short-form content

In the middle of July, Tech Financials revealed how CineMagic has been launched and is available on both the Vodacom Video Play and MTN Play services. Created by Exceptional Rights, the app offers a host of short-form content that does not exceed 30 minutes in length, with all of the movies and series being created with their suitability for mobile screens in mind.

A range of genres are featured on the service, from drama and comedy to adventure, thrillers and even animation. Interestingly, the platform is reportedly offering local filmmakers the opportunity to submit their own creations for consideration, while there are also plans to eventually extend its reach to other sub-Saharan regions in the coming months.

An interesting time

News of its launch has come at an interesting time, particularly with it following the release of the similar Quibi service. The latter has generated plenty of headlines since it was unveiled back in April, although not all of them have necessarily been positive. For example, earlier this month, sites including TechCrunch reported on Sensor Tower data which appeared to suggest that the service had only converted a small number of trial users into paying customers.

However, the launch of CineMagic is also perhaps another sign of how entertainment across the board appears to be becoming increasingly mobile-focused these days. For example, as well as watching TV and movies on such devices, many of us also use them to hear the latest albums and tracks from our favourite artists.

Gaming has also become synonymous with smartphones in the last few years too, with Newzoo estimating that mobile titles will generate revenues of more than $77 billion in 2020 alone.

Source: Pixabay
Source: Pixabay

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What’s next?

All in all, it is fascinating to see how so many aspects of the entertainment world have embraced mobile devices like smartphones and tablets in recent years.

A service like CineMagic is offering a slightly new take on streaming, however, so it will be intriguing to see just how well it performs both in South Africa and in other countries when it gets a wider release. With films, TV, games and much more now on mobile, it will also be interesting to see just what else might make the leap onto our handheld systems in the future.

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