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How to manage data as you embrace containers, Kubernetes

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Michael Cade, senior global technologist, Veeam Software.
Michael Cade, senior global technologist, Veeam Software.

Containerisation and Kubernetes, offering additional platform options for enterprise IT scale and agility, are set to start going mainstream in South Africa, with leading financial enterprises looking to harness them.

This is according to Michael Cade, senior global technologist at Veeam Software, and Trent Odgers, cloud & hosting manager at Veeam Software, who were speaking ahead of a webinar to be held in South Africa on containerisation and Kubernetes.

Cade notes that while containerisation has been in use globally for some years, local large enterprises are only now moving to harness it for particular use cases. 

“Many organisations have had the mindset that using containerisation and Kubernetes is an either/or situation replacing virtualisation. In fact, containerisation and Kubernetes are an additional option, abstracting the next layer of the operating system to get more out of the cloud or the physical footprint of the environment.”

Says Odgers: “Until recently, many local businesses have been of the mindset that they don’t need containerisation right now, although we are now seeing top financial institutions using and embracing the technology. Many local partners and businesses are starting to offer services internationally, making scale and efficiency more important for them, and so driving a need for containerisation. As a result, smaller, more nimble organisations are giving themselves an edge by building new offerings that can scale as required.”

As organisations move to harness containerisation and Kubernetes, the management of data in this environment should become a priority, they say.

Cade says: “The data is important, and accidental deletion, ransomware and all the other data loss scenarios you see in other environments still happen in containerised environments.

Trent Odgers, cloud & hosting manager, Veeam Software.
Trent Odgers, cloud & hosting manager, Veeam Software.

The data in containerised environments has to be recoverable, backed up, and managed with the same diligence as in other environments. As containerisation goes mainstream, DevOps and operations teams will need to work more closely together to ensure best practice data management and modern data protection in the containerised environment.”

Webinar: Discover Kubernetes and the solution to backup challenges

Veeam, in partnership with ITWeb, will host a webinar on 18 May to introduce South African IT decision makers and developers to the nuts and bolts of containerisation and Kubernetes. 

Delegates attending the free one-hour webinare will learn about the ontainerisation and Kubernetesuse cases and applications and best practice data management when using them, as well as addressing common questions such as what is the right fit for applications when they land on containers, and whether containers need orchestration. 

For more information and to register, go to the webinar portal.

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