Poised for growth: Integration platform services is key

Johannesburg, 18 Jun 2020
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John Brooks
John Brooks

South African-based technology company Globetom has established itself as a differentiating contributor in the vital arena of iPaaS (integration platform as a service), locally and internationally. According to Gartner, a leading research and advisory company in IT, by 2022, at least 65% of large corporations will have implemented a hybrid integration platform.

Founded in 2002, Globetom has proven itself as a dependable, reliable, cost-effective integration platform provider, starting in the telco sector, expanding into aviation, and now in digital markets across the connected economy.

What makes Globetom founder and Group CEO, Philip Stander, excited about the prospects for 2020, is the opportunity to build on what they have learned over the past 18 years. “We have proven low latency and we have proven we can build to scale across horizontal markets while providing customers with commercial flexibility in terms of pricing structures. Our master data management capability is an entrenched part of our iPaaS offering, and our ability to do this all in a very cost-effective way is a key differentiator.”

John Brooks, the newly appointed CEO for Globetom’s Americas expansion, mirrors Stander’s enthusiasm. Brooks comes to Globetom with almost 30 years of experience in telecommunications spanning fixed, mobile, data and video technologies. One of the founders of Connexn Technologies, a pioneer in telecom revenue management technology in the world, Brooks has worked with more than 100 operators globally, and directed over 40 successful cost, revenue and business optimisation engagements. Even now, Brooks remains passionate about fostering entrepreneurial innovation and growth and leading the Globetom expansion in the Americas.

“Transformation happens in the telecommunications industry more frequently and with more substantial impacts than in most other industries,” says Brooks. “The current transformation into digitalisation, 5G technologies, virtualisation and the continued shift towards cloud enablement make this the perfect time for Globetom to expand in the Americas and the rest of the world. Joining Globetom is a wonderful opportunity to join a young, visionary team that has created tremendous digital enablement technologies at the precise moment the industry requires them.”

In line with its new focus, Globetom has just launched its refreshed Web site as part of this push to educate the market about its capabilities. It’s a company that thrives on developing talent locally and driving value locally and internationally for its customers. “Nobody thinks of South Africa as a hub of global technology,” comments Brooks, “but when I evaluated technology from Asia and the US for the last two decades, that is not nearly as solid, robust, extendable and, most importantly, cost-effective, as what Globetom is building, I’m thrilled to help bring this to the Americas.”

Visit the Web site on to see more about the company’s worldwide Integration Platform Service implementations.

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Globetom provides global companies with agility and speed to market at scale by developing highly engineered cloud-ready technology which leverages APIs and related process capital, resulting in bespoke solutions for real-time integration.

Globetom was established in 2002 in South Africa and has since developed specialised solutions in the aviation and telecommunication sector globally. Globetom has a presence in the following markets: USA, New Zealand, UK, Zambia, Lesotho, Japan, Canada, UAE and South Africa.

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