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Johannesburg, 23 Aug 2019
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A 2019 survey of close to 400 local IT decision-makers revealed that 77% of South African businesses are using cloud services within their IT environments. And with several big brands planning to open local data centres in the near future – Microsoft was first out of the gates in March – interest in cloud is only set to increase.

This is great news for the local industry as cloud not only improves processes for businesses, it also ups experiences for customers. But, as cloud usage grows, so do cloud expenses. This is especially true if businesses don’t put the right procedures or tools in place to monitor how many cloud services they’re consuming.

With OneView, Nebula’s integrated cloud expense management tool, enterprises are given the visibility they need to manage complex cloud environments and keep tabs on their expenditure and usage. Here are a few OneView features that will ensure your move to the cloud doesn’t break the bank:

Cloud owner cost reports: These automated reports are sent straight to the cloud owner of each account or project so they have a clear view of usage and spend. The reports make it easier to create budget forecasts for each project. With OneView, you can send complete cloud reports to any other key stakeholders – be it the CIO, the finance lead or IT – with ease.

Cloud dashboard: OneView provides visibility into cloud usage and costs for all cloud accounts, and across all cloud providers. This enables businesses to take a deep dive into costs by application, department or team, so much so that you can drill down summary data all the way to individual servers. Using OneView's cloud dashboard, it is possible to track spending trends so costs can accurately be assigned to the right department. Gone are the days of having to manually group costs and send these to related users.

Cloud baseline: Want a holistic view of your entire cloud environment, such as what cloud categories you have and how much you pay for these? By grouping different cloud categories, it is far simpler to support different naming standards per resource; as is comparing costs across different cloud providers.

Cost grouping configuration: Each organisation has a unique way of grouping their costs, whether it is per project, team or IT cost centre. You can configure OneView to suit your unique needs and define your growth based on business expectations, from allocating costs, automating reports and defining billing centres to customising recommendation rules, like setting up importing of your cloud provider tagging to group costs.

Recharge and forecasting future cost reports: Want a clearer picture of your future spend for new or existing workloads? OneView enables you to define growth patterns based on business expectations and use alternative scenarios to evaluate different instance sizes, regions or reserved instance purchase options. In addition to this, its recharge and future cost reports help you to develop accurate budgets for each department and allocate costs for chargeback.

Want to eliminate unnecessary cloud spend? OneView is the cloud expense management solution you need. Find out more about how OneView can improve your cloud journey, email us on

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