Mimosa wireless backhaul launches in South Africa

Johannesburg, 18 Jun 2015
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Even Flow is proud to be appointed exclusive distributor of Mimosa Gigabit Wireless Products in South Africa, and will be launching Mimosa's exciting range of high-speed wireless backhaul solutions through partners throughout Southern Africa.

Mimosa, a US company, is a pioneer in Gigabit wireless networks and is launching the next generation of WiFi hardware, designed for outdoor use, at long distances and with robust speeds. Mimosa's wireless technology picks up where fibre leaves off, connecting homes and many businesses in areas where fibre can't be reached.

Mimosa employs a comprehensive "Cloud to Client" strategy, using coordinated massive multiple-in multiple-out (MIMO) intelligent spectrum technologies which allow for unique advancements to every layer of the Internet access network.

Mimosa's backhaul products consist of the B5 and B5c and the soon to be launched B5 Lite. The B5 backhaul series is a radio capable of coordinating massive amounts of MIMO technology. Mimosa also released their Cloud Services technology which features advanced network-wide planning and analytics. The ability of the B5 radio to pair with the Cloud Services is a connectivity breakthrough which allows internet service providers to effortlessly construct and manage high-capacity scalable networks that pick up where fibre leaves off. This cloud-to-client technology brings disruptive technology advancements delivering speed and reliability.

The B5 radio is the first product in the world to offer Spectrum Multiplication, leveraging coordinated Massive MIMO technology, which allows colocated radios to deliver 16 MIMO streams, and 4 Gbps of throughput.

The B5 Backhaul radio series consists of two versions the B5 - an antenna-integrated 5 GHz backhaul radio, and the B5c - a connectorized radio-only version. The B5 leverages an 802.11ac, 4x4:4 MIMO and radical engineering for service providers that demand the same capacity, speed and reliability as fibre. Capable of 1 Gbps throughput, a low 2 ms latency and has an integrated dual-polarized antenna with 25 dBi of gain. It is the first 4 MIMO stream radio with, colocatable radio with advanced spectrum re-use capabilities. Whilst the B5c is capable of 1 Gbps throughput and a low 2 ms latency, can be paired with any dual-polarized antenna and is operational from 4900-6000MHz. Capable of 1 Gbps throughput, a low 2 ms latency and has an integrated dual-polarized antenna with 25 dBi of gain.

With a single B5 radio link, users can provide a gigabit of throughput for up to thirteen to fourteen kilometres. The more the distances increases the lower the bandwidth becomes however Mimosa has successfully run one link up to ninety-six kilometres and still manages to provide several hundred megabits of throughput along the California coast. Therefore displaying the products efficacy.

Features of the Mimosa B5 include, but are not limited to, Advanced Colocation (maximizing satellite synchronisation through precision timing and sophisticated RF isolation techniques), full automation (offering real-time spectrum analysis without service interruption), and Dual Link (load balance between two non-contiguous channels, providing unprecedented resiliency against interference).

Even Flow Distribution will be stocking the entire range of Mimosa products and taking them to market through established resellers, Wireless Internet Service Providers (WISP's) and Telco's. To find out more about the Mimosa range of products please contact Even Flow Distribution

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