Workflow solutions streamline govt processes

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Missing documentation, channelling and integrating information, and a lack of capacity to send out high volumes of documentation are a few of the key issues faced by busy government departments.

This is according to Thoko Gumede, MD of Pitney Bowes Batsumi Enterprise, a business solutions company, who adds that the processes in these departments need to be audit-streamed. This can include a print stream of documents to send out, archiving records of all previous correspondence, and documenting queries from clients that were received via various channels such as fax, e-mail and SMS.

She bases her reasons for using these methods on practical experience, as she has worked with various government departments.

Gumede says mailstreaming solutions for busy government departments include using simple solutions such as software and mailstream machines to send out documentation. These departments can also back-scan documents i.e. find old documents and record and archive them properly.

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Another mailstream solution that can be used in busy government departments is an integrated archive, she says. This means implementing a practical system for receiving feedback from clients on the documents the department receives, she says. An example of this is the use of a call centre - where systems can be implemented to record all the feedback received from clients, archive that feedback, and link it back to customers' profiles, getting a 360 degree view she says.

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