ZunguZ gets Facebook App Centre approval

Lance Fanaroff and Robert Sussman, joint CEOs of ZunguZ.
Lance Fanaroff and Robert Sussman, joint CEOs of ZunguZ.

ZunguZ, a locally developed, multi-tiered platform that integrates social networks, financial service providers and banking institutions to facilitate micro-payments, has been selected for inclusion in Facebook's App Centre.

Last month, the social networking giant revealed plans to roll out its App Centre, which is set to be a new hub for social apps and games, and is touted by the network as a new way for developers to grow their apps.

The app store will be unveiled in the coming weeks to users across Web, iOS and Android versions of Facebook.

ZunguZ co-founders Robert Sussman and Lance Fanaroff believe ZunguZ suites Facebook's strategic initiatives around the penetration of mobility into emerging markets.

Sussman says the inclusion in the Facebook App Centre reinforces the credibility of ZunguZ in what he describes as an 'increasingly diverse marketplace'.

[EMBEDDED]“Our presence in the Facebook app store is going to unlock huge value and reach for our partners to offer their goods and services to a connected community in the ZunguZ platform,” says Sussman.

He adds that, with the additional accreditation as a Facebook-approved app, ZunguZ gains more trust over and above its current Facebook certification and compliance with all Facebook's terms and conditions.

“Our financial service and product partners now have an instant connection to Facebook's global marketplace. We are now able to offer our partners instant access to a unique channel via the financial graph built into the ZunguZ platform and access to over 900 million users around the world.”

Describing how ZunguZ was selected for inclusion in the App Centre, Sussman says: “ZunguZ has been tightly integrated into Facebook for quite some time, so we were well-aligned to extend our relationship into the Facebook app store.

“We understand Facebook's global strategy, so when it comes to new initiatives, we are normally onboard prior to market announcements.”

He also claims that ZunguZ has grabbed the global market's attention, as the platform has been built with people at the centre in the modular fashion, allowing for scale.

“We are on target with our envisaged market penetration and have been inundated with partnership requests from financial and payment innovators from around the world. We will be making a big announcement in this regard in the next few weeks.

“Our penetration has been hugely successful in emerging markets through the mobile platform. This is well-aligned with the monetisation focus from Facebook in the mobile space and growth into new markets.”

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