MapIT, Xplorer V8 navigate mobile apps

The Xplorer V8 allows developers to add turn-by-turn navigation to any app.

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Digital mapping provider MapIT yesterday released the deCarta Xplorer V8 navigation platform to the South African market.

The new Xplorer V8 navigation platform combines deCarta's cloud-based navigation service with customisable client-side libraries. This combination gives application developers the ability to quickly add vector mapping and turn-by-turn navigation to any mobile application, from local search to fleet management, providing users with fast, accurate driving directions to a destination or search result.

Xplorer V8 is available as a white label application or as client-side libraries, depending on the degree of customisation required. deCarta's L2 local search technology is integrated into the platform to help users find destination addresses or local points of interest.

Etienne Louw, MD of mapIT, says the deCarta Xplorer V8 navigation platform offers new features to the location app market. "These features complement the mapIT offering, assisting the South African developer market to remain globally competitive."

Xplorer V8 libraries are compatible with Android-based platforms for mobile devices, tablets and automotive embedded systems. Apple iOS versions will be available at the end of June.

J Kim Fennell, CEO of deCarta, says industrial-grade navigation engines are extremely hard to develop. "To meet the demanding consumer expectations, they have to perform well, with speed and accuracy across a wide range of circumstances. Xplorer V8 packages all of deCarta's navigation experience and makes it available for application developers to integrate directly into their apps."

Xplorer V8 is available immediately for deployment in South Africa, North America and Australia, with Western Europe coverage coming in June. Other countries will be included in the following months.

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