SAP Business One and Domain Controller deployment on Azure

Johannesburg, 25 May 2018
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Building a new pure security play distributor in South Africa comes with its challenges and Obscure Technologies (OT) understood the need to put an infrastructure in place that would enable its sales and technical teams to deliver a service that would put it ahead of the competition.

OT required an always-on system, which could be accessed safely and securely from anywhere at any time and provided the company with the DR capabilities that would not require it to invest in more than one technology and the additional resources to manage them.

After reviewing different solutions, Obscure Technologies decided to go for a cloud solution, which would be able to provide OT with a cost-effective solution that would meet its needs and requirements.

OT decided to make use of then Azure Classic platform where it would deploy SAP Business One and its main Domain Controller. The team initially deployed its SAP Business One system and one Domain Controller in Azure Classic and the other on-premises with a VPN setup between OT's head office and Azure using a Fortinet Firewall.

In the process, OT also added Office365 to the solution, which would provide it with a communications infrastructure that can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

Challenges overcome with BUI's Azure expertise

In the next year, Azure moved from Classic to ARM moving some of the functions/modules to ARM, which caused issues for OT because it bought a Palo Alto Firewall (now being a distributor for Palo Alto) that the company wanted to use to replace the Fortinet with. It tried to connect the Palo Alto to the Azure VPN but had endless issues where it would not accept our passphrase for the VPN.

OT then reconnected the Fortinet thinking it's a configuration issue on the Palo Alto, the Fortinet connected again but to a Gateway in Azure that was "invisible" to it. OT decided to rebuild the gateway, only to discover that the servers in Azure weren't connected to the rebuilt gateway and could not get these servers to connect to any Gateway.

This is when OT got BUI involved to assist because business came to a standstill and no one could access any of the company resources. BUI sent OT one of their senior Azure engineers Malcom Barske, who swiftly assisted the team in resolving the issue. He had to do some fault finding, which resulted in identifying the fault and resolving it swiftly, sparing OT any embarrassment from not being able to invoice or quote customers. BUI also assisted in moving and securely deploying its infrastructure in Azure Resource Manager.

"We are happy with the deployment in the Azure after the assistance from BUI. All of our requirements have been met," said Andre van Zyl: Pre-Sales Engineering Manager, Obscure Technologies.

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