Cibecs, GijimaAst in new data backup and recovery partnership

Leading data backup and recovery solutions company, Cibecs, has partnered with JSE listed managed services enterprise, GijimaAst.

Johannesburg, 10 Nov 2009

The deal, worth in excess of R250 million, places GijimaAst in a position to offer its clients Cibecs' data backup and recovery solution for enterprise desktops and notebooks.

The move will immediately impact favourably on the speed and cost of GijimaAst's service offering, both in the replacement of hardware and the general support it's capable of offering business users.

“We see it as an investment in our clients,” says Raymond Deftereos, Business Unit Executive DCS. “GijimaAst is dedicated to offering our clients the very best, cost-effective and efficient operational service available; our new partnership with Cibecs enhances the benefit for GijimaAst's clients.”

Co-founded in 2004 by CEO Richard Dewing, Cibecs has steadily advanced its product offering and market share in a segment that has (historically) been neglected. “Lost data is the biggest threat to business continuity,” says Dewing.

Backup policies do not work

“In today's mobile world, more and more business-critical information is stored on company notebooks and personal desktops, instead of central servers. With the accepted norm being that users simply cannot be trusted to follow procedure and backup their information, it makes the need for an automated data backup and recovery solution, likes ours, a necessity to guarantee minimal disruption to the business when data is lost, destroyed or there is a need to transfer information.”

While the Cibecs product looks at data specifically, the added value of the solution lies in its secondary uses, such as drastically simplifying the process when replacing computer hardware.

“We see it as an operational tool first and foremost,” says Deftereos. “Using Cibecs we are able to offer faster service delivery, with lower cost implications for our clients. Who doesn't like the sound of that?”

Increasing threat to data integrity

GijimaAst is putting its money where its mouth is by not only offering Cibecs licences to all its clients, but also internally rolling out the software to the corporation's users. The partnership signals a significant step forward in Cibecs' expansion strategy.

“We haven't yet begun to scratch the surface of this industry,” says Dewing.

“With an ever increasing threat to the integrity of business critical information and exponential shift towards a mobile society, we anticipate a rapid evolution in the way companies protect their data - our partnership with GijimaAst confirms the critical need for a reliable, simple and cost-effective backup and recovery solution for company desktops and notebooks.”

“Every company needs it”

Cibecs enjoys global endorsement from its clients and partners. The company offers fast, hassle-free recovery, data encryption and central data control for companies of any size.

“Every company needs a reliable, automated, backup and recovery solution for end-users,” says Willem Janse Van Vuuren, Executive Business Excellence.

For more information, visit Cibecs Automated Data Backup or contact sales on Tel: +27 11 791-0073.

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