Report: Cyber security Pandora’s box of remote work

Johannesburg, 07 Dec 2020
Read time 50sec

The transition to remote work opened a cyber security Pandora’s box. While the human workforce always comes with a particular security risk level – mostly due to hackers leveraging targeted phishing tactics via e-mail, text and phone ad nauseam – COVID-19 shutdowns created a need for rapid enterprise technology implementation despite the risks involved. 

Consequently, the race to remote work blew Pandora’s box wide open, creating an explosion of technology access across the workforce. This resulted in security and compliance gaps starting to surface, paving the way for potential data breach opportunities.

International research from SailPoint shows how real the cyber security threat is across today’s digital enterprise. A distributed workforce means hackers can capitalise on the potential for unsecured workforce access across multiple user access points and the human element: password frailties and lax cyber security best practices.

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