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Pinnacle wins distribution rights to Bitdefender

It will distribute Bitdefender's corporate solutions to the SADC region, including SA.

Reporting data breaches under POPIA has its challenges

The first challenge with incident reporting under POPIA is determining whether or not to report.

Data protection in an era of continuous attacks

One of the biggest dangers for businesses in terms of breaches is the belief that it won't happen to them, says Reduxio.

Comprehensive security management must include MFPs

True value comes from unified security management across endpoints, networks and data, which requires a layered approach, says Carro Ford, blogger.

Cyber security - a digital growth enabler

Cyber security is being recognised as a vital part of the digital strategy, says Paul Jolliffe, Digital Security Practice leader at T-Systems South Africa.

Spectre of punishment after Intel's security meltdown


Shareholders and customers file 32 class-action lawsuits against Intel over the Spectre and Meltdown security flaws in its microchips.

Memory encryption without authentication is not a panacea

A BRBC attack is an attack against systems that use encrypted memory - without any form of integrity protection, says Intel.

Kaspersky, ITU-T strengthen IOT security

Attacks on cyber-physical systems can affect not only the information aspects, but also functional safety, says Kaspersky Lab.

SA begins countdown to social grant drama


Net1 CEO Herman Kotze cautions that the new SASSA paymaster needs to maintain integrity of the verification systems to save government billions.

Crypto-currency plagued by fraud, manipulation

Crypto-currency "pump-and-dump" scams rip off investors by inflating the price of volatile virtual tokens through spreading bogus information.

Encryption as a shared service

All sensitive data should be encrypted, and this should be done as a shared service to the various divisions and departments within the organisation, says Craig Moir, Managing Director of Encryptech.

Ensuring your IT security isn't a flop

Businesses are getting caught up in hype, and are investing in technologies that are punted as being the next `silver bullet', says Telspace Systems.

How Microsoft became a major security player


The onslaught of daily security threats forced Microsoft to become a major security player, as it bets big on secure cloud with Azure.