Facebook stored hundreds of millions of user passwords in plain text

As many as 20 000 Facebook employees had internal access to the files.


Rogue adware campaign found on Google Play

SimBad malware removes the app's icon from the launcher, making it harder for the user to uninstall, warns Check Point.


Fake videos bring a new era of fake news

Fake videos created using Deepfake AI-based software up the fake news stakes and herald a new method of cyber bullying.


Digital transformation drives cyber security evolution

Education and internal training has to be the first and most fundamental part of any cyber security strategy, says Colin Thornton, MD of Turrito Networks.


ExtraHop identified as global vendor of cyber analytics

A new Gartner report hails ExtraHop as a leading provider of network traffic analytics, with local distributor Corr-Serve welcoming the accolade.


How to build a cost-effective security operations centre

CSIR cyber security specialist Muyowa Mutemwa will discuss the requirements for running an effective cyber security operations centre.


Panda Patch Management lowers risk of data breach

Panda Security has launched Panda Patch Management to manage vulnerabilities for systems as well as for hundreds of applications.


Keep your small business cyber safe

SMEs are easy targets for cyber criminals; follow this guide to ensure your data is protected.


SMEs given equal access to cyber protection

Azure is a hybrid cloud solution that protects big business and SMEs alike from cyber attacks, at no additional cost.


Darktrace, Puleng form cyber security partnership

This partnership will empower Puleng's customers and community to discover in-progress attacks anywhere in their digital infrastructure.


Achieving painless IT documentation

If an IT document solution can reduce risk and decrease cost, it is an essential business operations no-brainer, says Gerhard Conradie, MD of Evolv Networks.