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Data is more powerful than money

Companies should adopt a multi-layered approach to prevent fraud, says TransUnion.

The rising value of information and the law's response

As the value of information rises so does the importance of information security law, says David Luyt of Michalsons.

Structure your business to gather digital evidence

Organisations must build cyber forensic readiness into their systems, says seasoned digital forensics investigator and prosecutor.

Cape Town ranked low for tech readiness by PwC


The city is ranked high for its ease of doing business, but needs to improve on tech readiness, says PwC.

Do you have the recipe, tools and 'baker' for your security cake?

Information security `recipes' need to be appropriate for their context, says Manuel Corregedor, Telspace Systems.

Regulator powerless to deal with latest data leak

The Information Regulator laments it is not yet fully functional and able to deal with those involved in leaking close to a million personal records of South Africans.

DataWizards wow at ITWeb Security Summit hackathon

The winning team developed a real-time fraud detection solution, using machine learning to flag anomalous behaviour.

Using AI to fight the insider threat

Darktrace uses AI to detect machines that may be conducting nefarious business, even if they have legitimate access.

DDoS used to oust competition in crypto market

Cyber criminals are now using distributed denial-of-service attacks to target crypto-currencies.

Lessons from next-gen approach to user authentication

Enterprises have a lot to learn from user experience in the consumer identity management space, says Ubusha's Andrew Whittaker.

Shift from 'high wall' to 'body armour' security

The ITWeb/VMware survey reveals a trend towards securing y being put around every object within the data centre. WannaCry had a knock-on effect and changed security postures for many organisations.

Bringing the C-level on board with cyber security

Cyber security is an enterprise-wide risk management issue, not just an IT issue, said Rand Water's Vincent Mello.

Evolution of smart buildings into smart workplaces

The future moves beyond smart buildings into smart spaces, and true integration with mobile technology, says Dimension Data.