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POS malware targets chip and PIN cards

The criminals behind the Prilex POS malware have the ability to turn stolen credit card data into functional plastic cards, says Kaspersky Lab.

White paper: The cost of data breaches in SA


The average total organisational cost of data breaches in SA was R32 million in 2017, according to an IBM Security study.

Data from 50m Facebook users 'harvested'

A data analytics firm harvested Facebook users' private information in developing techniques to support Donald Trump's 2016 election campaign.

Datacentrix takes on hacktivism and other vulnerabilities


It is launching two new services within its Security Operations Centre: Cyber Threat Intelligence and Contextualised Vulnerability Management service.

Change your security culture

Paying for a business technology service is convenient and amazing. But it should be your catalyst for new security, not your destination.

Making cloud solutions more accessible to SA's government

Microsoft has worked to make its cloud offerings not only scalable, reliable, and manageable, but also to ensure its customers' data is protected, says Siya Madyibi, Corporate, External and Legal Affairs Director at Microsoft South Africa.

'Smart cameras turned into surveillance tools'

Attackers can remotely disable these devices, execute arbitrary malicious code on them and commit other acts of malfeasance, warns Kaspersky Lab.

Applying creativity to IT security

Anna Collard's company uses inventiveness and playfulness to engage users and make them interested in cyber security.

Mixed reaction to Ghostery open source announcement


The company, which protects Internet users' privacy with blocking tracking software, made its code publicly available last week.

Balancing safety and convenience with biometrics


While biometric technology makes banking more convenient, it can also create a false sense of security.