9 hours ago

Kaspersky debuts Anti-Cheat to combat in-game cheating

Only 12% of gamers claim they have never had a multi-player gaming experience spoilt by unfair actions of other players, says Kaspersky.

9 hours ago

Trend Micro highlights risks of open banking regulation

Fintech changes could open up new attacks on organisations and consumers, the company says.


ACSA sets aside R1.2bn to digitise SA airports

The company looks to create the IT infrastructure necessary to transform into a truly digital airports business.


Breach exposes personal details of almost all Ecuadorians

More than 20 million people in the South American country, including seven million minors, were exposed in a data leak.


Joburg says it has no policy for surveillance cameras

Officials confirm the city does not have a policy in place to govern the surveillance cameras across Johannesburg.


What is zero vulnerability infrastructure – and is it achievable?

The holy grail for those responsible for securing company networks is to achieve zero vulnerability infrastructure, says Gareth Trollip, SA country manager at KHIPU Networks.


RICA declared inconsistent with Constitution

The South Gauteng High Court declares some parts of the Act as unconstitutional, as bulk surveillance activities are unlawful.


6.7K exposed in Garmin SA hack, regulator seeks answers

The Information Regulator will take the GPS and fitness accessory maker to task over a data breach that affected thousands of users.


Information Regulator cautions private camera network operators

Before an operator can install and monitor surveillance cameras, reasonable steps must be adhered to in terms of the law, says the Information Regulator.


NU, Indegy discuss threats to industrial control systems

Indegy solutions are now available in SA and throughout Africa through distributor Networks Unlimited Africa.


Garmin SA hacked, exposing users’ credit card details

The GPS and fitness accessory maker reveals theft of customer data from orders placed through its Web site.