Top cyber security risks for business

Ransomware remains the top cause of loss in cyber claims, and business interruption is the key impact of a ransomware attack, says Roxanne Griffiths, financial lines underwriting manager at AIG SA.

14 million Verizon customer records leaked


The records contained sensitive personal information, including numbers, names and account PINs.

Did one simple issue crash Liberty?

The weakest link in an organisation of any size is always the human element.

Is machine learning hampering security?


If machine learning is pure anomaly detection, it creates many false-positive alerts, making the security analyst's job more difficult, says SecBI.

Guidelines for mitigating third-party risk


Potential third-party risks include regulatory and legal violations, reputation damage, information security breaches and financial volatility, says CURA.

Netskope acquires Sift Security

The IaaS breach detection, correlation, visualisation and response engine will extend Netskope Security Cloud.

Axis unveils 5MP stainless-steel, 4K dome cameras

The AXIS Q35 Series models are used for surveillance in a wide range of areas, such as critical infrastructure, city surveillance or airports.

Millennials don't care about security


It's time to bust the myth. Millennials do in fact care about their security and online safety but are too trusting to recognise real threats.

Fight against fraud A2P SMS gains momentum


SA's joins a global industry body to boost the clean-up of the application-to-person messaging market.

SA's average data breach costs escalate


It now costs a whopping R36.5 million to address a data breach in South Africa, says IBM.

SA users fear mobile app tracking

Eighty-three percent of Android apps have access to users' sensitive data, and 96% of Android apps can launch without consent, says Kaspersky Lab.

Securely exposing data in agile organisations

Securing unstructured data in companies as they increasingly strive to be agile is of paramount importance.

Experience Micro Focus Universe heads to SA

The event will demonstrate the full capability of the company since its acquisition of the HPE software business.