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Johannesburg, 04 Feb 2021
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As South African professionals continue to work remotely during the coronavirus pandemic, Business Change Academy, a leading business analysis training company, is helping businesses stay productive and deliver projects through live virtual instructor-led training courses.

Business Change Academy’s short courses cover critical topics and skills professionals need now more than ever in this digital age: business strategy facilitation and planning, business process analysis and redesign, IT system requirements definition, and benefits realisation and business acceptance.

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“In today’s challenging environment, effective stakeholder communication, team collaboration, business analysis and change management are absolutely critical,” said Joe Newbert, Business Change Academy CIO. “With more than 10 years in learning and development, Business Change Academy is pleased to offer high-quality virtual training opportunities, so organisations and their project teams can continue building products and services, and producing business results.”

Business Change Academy’s virtual training programmes feature live interaction with our expert trainers and other delegates, from any device, anywhere. Virtual training uses the same materials as live instructor-led training, yet in a simulated classroom setting. Virtual training also:

  • Allows for enhanced collaboration, with breakout sessions, group case studies, and specialised whiteboard exercises.
  • Boosts knowledge retention through question-and-answer sessions, which are replayed and broken down to make retention more manageable and memorable.
  • Removes the location of traditional instructor-led classroom training and allows learners to absorb content and engage with their peers where they learn best.
  • Can be tailored to focus specifically on an organisation’s core competencies and business needs.

Business Change Academy’s learning service has been enhanced to increase adaptability to meet customers’ specific requirements, all tailored to ensure a remarkable training experience and effective learning. Several BCS exams are now available online, and the integration of these examinations with the online learning services, supported by the renowned Business Change Academy customer service, ensures a complete certification pathway for everyone wishing to extend their business analysis and solution development skills. 

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