What are the benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 365?

If you are looking for a new tool for customer relationship management, Microsoft Dynamics 365 can help. Here are the benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Johannesburg, 19 Jan 2022
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Nucleus Research found 64% of companies using customer relationship management (CRM) consider it impactful or very impactful on their businesses. Sales teams also displayed a 17% job satisfaction increase when it was added to their tool arsenals.

CRM technology is vital for your company, but how can you implement it in an efficient and user-friendly manner? One of the Microsoft products making a difference is Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Read on to see how it can impact your company.

What is Microsoft Dynamics 365?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 makes it easier for mid-market companies to engage with customers, team members and prospects. It is the only cloud-based option that offers what a company needs in terms of CRM and enterprise resource planning (ERP).

It unifies all of the CRM apps you utilise, making the sales process much simpler and more streamlined. It gives employees the tools they require to improve customer relationships, customer experience, be more productive and get more sales.

Since it uses both CRM and ERP technology, it makes communicating internally, as well as with customers, much easier.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 brings digital intelligence to all business processes and can be the digital transformation you want for your company.

Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 365

If you are considering implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365, it can be important to know what benefits to expect. Let's dive deeper into what it can offer.

Easy to use

It is simple to implement and you can use it in the cloud or in a hybrid cloud setting. Microsoft Dynamics 365 has an intuitive user interface that is clear.

Users can create personalised workspaces that are activity-based. This enables them to manage assets and processes. It is similar enough to Office 365 that users will quickly feel like they know how to use the program, reducing the stress of new software implementation.

If your company requires employees to have their own devices, this software is ideal, since they will be able to access all of their information through its cloud-based functions.

This software comes in many languages and has country-specific functions for more than 50 countries.

Integrates with Microsoft products

Dynamics 365 fully integrates with Office 365, allowing the simple use of Outlook, Power BI and SharePoint.

It is quick and efficient to move between apps when you use Microsoft Dynamics 365. You do not have to worry about your employees taking more time to input customer data into other platforms. You also do not have to provide added personnel retraining.

This software will give you the complete picture of your business that you can analyse and improve on.

Better customer service experience

Microsoft Dynamics 365 collects lots of data from clients. It can analyse how they interact with certain brands, what kind of websites they visit and even what communities they belong to.

You can expect to receive information on brand loyalty and buying patterns when you use the BI tool. This offers invaluable help for customer service representatives.

With all of this data in their hands, customer service representatives will be able to have personalised interactions with customers. This is beneficial to the client as well as to the business.

Built-in analytics

Microsoft Dynamics 365 has built-in analytic tools and real-time insights. Azure Machine Learning, Cortana Intelligence and Power BI are all embedded in the software.

Cortana and Azure and their algorithms take descriptive statistics and can use them for predictions on the opportunities your business should take.

With these tools, you can get predictive insights and see hidden trends. The business application of these pieces of data can be invaluable.

When you make a decision, you will do it based on accurate data reports. Not only is this better for your business, but it also offers much more responsive customer service.

Data privacy

Data privacy is a growing concern, but it is one less thing you will have to worry about with Microsoft Dynamics 365. Although it is a cloud-based solution, Microsoft Azure offers top-level cyber security.

It has disaster recovery and technical support available 24 hours a day. With physical data centres, service hosting platforms and network connectivity, you can get the help you need.

Reduces costs

With software that allows you to reduce the sales cycle, you can expect fewer costs. It offers the real-time insights employees need to answer questions and make decisions during the sales process.

Its advanced automation functions also help identify redundancies in resources and processes. This goes a long way to reducing costs.

Since Microsoft Dynamics 365 uses the cloud for its functions, you also save money on having to maintain your own servers and hardware.


Dynamics 365 has many built-in workflow tools and modules. They can help you automate functions and tasks across marketing, customer service, field service, sales and project service.

If you find that the built-in tools are not offering exactly the functions that you need, you can customise them. You can use the customisation tools in the program to add new fields and new objects.

You can also expect flexibility in the program's architecture. There are pricing tiers, as well, which allow you to customise the program to your budget and team size.


Like most other cloud-based Microsoft products, you can change your subscriptions on a monthly basis. When you want to scale up or down, depending on your budget, project or team size, you can do so with ease. Scalability provides the business intelligence that you need from this type of software.

Improve your business

To reduce costs, improve efficiency and offer the customer service your clients deserve, you want to implement Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Book a demo today to see how it can enhance your business.

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