Symantec introduces Dedicated IP to its Cloud SWG offering

Available to the SA and SADC channel from DCC.

Johannesburg, 29 May 2023
Fred Mitchell, software division head at Drive Control Corporation.
Fred Mitchell, software division head at Drive Control Corporation.

Symantec, distributed by Drive Control Corporation (DCC), has launched Dedicated IP addresses, an innovative new feature that forms part of its Cloud SWG (Secure Web Gateway) service.

A key factor often limiting the speed of a cloud transformation is the complexity of the end-user data path. Migrations can result in workloads being split between the legacy data path and the modern cloud data path for various reasons. More routing complexity equals a longer time to value and increases the fragility of the solution.

By integrating Dedicated IP natively into its gateway web service, Symantec is mitigating a common cause of split routing:

  • Most web traffic goes directly to Cloud SWG; and
  • Sensitive SaaS apps continue to navigate through the corporate data centre to ensure the apps are accessed using IPs unique to the customer’s legacy systems.

Another important Dedicated IP feature is the ability to preserve source IP-based conditional access rules common to Microsoft 365 and similar application suites.

Explains Fred Mitchell, software division head at Drive Control Corporation (DCC): “With Dedicated IP, enterprises can be rest assured that corporate data is accessed over a secure data path, providing a ‘trust signal’ that is as safe as the legacy data path.”

Dedicated IP solves several problems that most enterprise organisations will face as they move a cloud-centric network security model. Some key features include:

  • Completely cloud native – no dependency on the legacy data path or on-premises hardware;
  • Designed to scale behind a small number of static IPs to minimise long-term maintenance of third-party app IP access control lists (ACLs);
  • Compatible with all connection methods; and
  • No additional cost.

DCC, together with vendor partners Symantec and Mandiant, is a Bronze Sponsor at this year’s ITWeb Security Summit 2023.

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