Chillisoft expands its onsite software development team to Middle East

By Anujah Bosman, CEO

Johannesburg, 15 Jun 2022
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Chillisoft is super-excited to announce that we have successfully expanded our development team to service our customer, onsite, in the Middle East. This amazing opportunity provides Chillisoft with a pathway for additional international expansion, allowing our South African software developers to experience long-term, exciting international projects. The current project provides a rich experience that allows our developers to immerse themselves and to experience a different culture and country, while still having the comfort of working within a trusted development team. 

Chillisoft’s latest project is also a testament to Chillisoft living its goals by making African professional software development thrive. We are exceptionally proud of being selected as the customer’s chosen partner from an international group of suppliers. We are also proud of being able to kick off this project amid extreme uncertainty, flight restrictions, lockdown, floods, riots, a war and COVID-19!

Chillisoft is continuing to provide shared value to our customers, to Chillisoft and to the South African development community. We achieve this by ensuring that all of our developers are home-grown Chillisoft employees, and that each developer has passed Chillisoft’s stringent development and career progression assessments. These developers have been carefully selected for their soft skills, their technical competence and for their investment in their careers over the years where they steadily built a solid foundation and knowledge of diverse business domains.

Although we service international projects remotely, it’s wonderful to still be able to experience adventures, other countries, human connection and shared learning experiences with a trusted dev team.

Chillisoft is currently recruiting for one full stack senior developer (7+ development experience) and one intermediate developer (+4 years' development experience) to join our team in the Middle East. We are also recruiting for three senior and four intermediate full stack developers who have experience with .Net, React, NodeJS and or TypeScript. If you would like to join our Chillisoft team, please e-mail your CVs to

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