Small businesses complete T-Systems’ Enterprise Acceleration Programme – geared for new opportunities

The programme aims to help participating small businesses accelerate growth, embrace transformation and become sustainable contributors to the economy.

Johannesburg, 26 Jul 2019
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Sarel Roets, Cyrus Technology.
Sarel Roets, Cyrus Technology.

Sixty small business owners, who have participated in T-Systems South Africa’s Enterprise Acceleration Programme (EAP), graduated from the programme today. The programme, which seeks to develop enterprises in the IOT/ICT space with opportunities to receive funding and to graduate, and with possibilities of moving into the supply chain within the next cycle, is a partnership effort between T-Systems SA, SqwidNet and Business Doctors.

The EAP forms part of T-Systems’ Enterprise Supplier Development (ESD) Programme with a specific focus on small businesses, particularly black-owned and women-owned ones and those involved in youth development. T-Systems provides access to leading business development platforms and to market initiatives. The goal of the programme is to help participating small businesses accelerate growth, embrace transformation and become sustainable contributors to the economy.

On Thursday, 25 July 2019, T-Systems hosted an event at the company’s headquarters in Midrand, Johannesburg. Speaking at the event, Georg Heil, the vice-president of finance at T-Systems SA, said: “T-Systems recognises the need for the corporate sector to contribute more, and we have structured a programme aligned with the country’s National Development Plan 2030. Through our EAP, we work with selected small businesses to improve supplier sustainability and performance, increase qualification levels, create job opportunities and add economic value. This proudly South African programme leverages a mix of local insight, international business development platforms and ICT solutions to build enterprises that work with the local market and align with global best practices.”

The programme is aligned with key technology and industry developments, including IOT, IOT device prototyping and the fourth industrial revolution (4IR). There is also a focus on aligning with platform and ICT services development that supports the National Development Plan (NDP) and ICT Incubation objectives. As part of the programme, seven finalist groups were selected from the 60 participants who had to pitch ideas to a panel of potential investors.

Heil added: “We were impressed with the depth of innovation that was illustrated in the pitches, confirming that we are making a difference. The learnings from the programme will stimulate job creation, alleviate poverty and drive aggressive transformation in the ICT sector.”

Small business owner Sarel Roets from Cyrus Technology, a top five achiever in the programme, said it is because of programmes like these that business owners are able to excel to a point where they can make a mark in their industries. “This programme has allowed us as business owners to strategise where we are and where we are going.  The growth is phenomenal,” he said.

Participants in the EAP were benchmarked against each other and, based on their results, awarded performance recognition certificates, grants and resources.

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