FlowCentric Technologies partners with Pronto Solutions Alliance Inc.

PSA will utilise FlowCentric Processware to complement its software offering with innovative, form-based BPM applications, designed to help companies control their business processes.

Johannesburg, 12 Dec 2019
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PSA Inc. adds FlowCentric Processware business process management (BPM) solutions to complement its existing ERP software delivery

PRETORIA, December 11, 2019: FlowCentric Technologies is pleased to announce it has partnered with Pronto Solutions Alliance Inc. ("PSA") to deliver its advanced business process management (BPM) platform, FlowCentric Processware, to an international market.

PSA is the largest North American reseller of award-winning Pronto Xi ERP Business Software and maintains a close partnership with Pronto Software Australia.

PSA will utilise FlowCentric Processware to complement its existing Pronto Xi ERP software offering with innovative, form-based BPM applications, designed to aid companies in controlling and extending their business processes. The secure Web-based application provides the opportunity for both internal and external (B2B partners and suppliers) business processes to be supported and seamlessly interact with a company’s enterprise resource planning (ERP) system.

Immediately, PSA will advance procure-to-pay and contract management processes for its select mining and natural resource industry clients. As mining companies are generally  listed on a stock exchange and are often geographically dispersed, tight purchasing and contract controls are required throughout the mining lifecycle, from exploration and construction, through to production.

FlowCentric Processware provides an opportunity for mining companies to quickly regulate spending through intuitive custom-form applications that help to overcome process limitations in an easy-to-use, customised end-user experience.

“Managing business processes is a primary concern for all of our clients,” says Andrew Morley, Chief Operating Officer of PSA.

“Our partnership with FlowCentric Technologies allows us to quickly leverage Processware to provide clients with sophisticated BPM solutions, adding tighter controls where necessary or extending their reach to external partners. We are excited to see clients’ processes develop and the robust business processes that we will uncover.”

“FlowCentric Technologies is very excited about the partnership with PSA as we believe that this alliance will complement new and existing Pronto clients in Africa, North America and Australia,” says Jacques Wessels, Chief Executive Officer of FlowCentric Technologies.

“It has been a privilege to work with PSA employees as each interaction sees their attention to detail and commitment to successfully executing tasks. This reflects very high standards of professionalism. We look forward to a long and successful relationship with PSA.”

Pronto Solutions Alliance will begin the delivery of FlowCentric Processware solutions immediately. To learn more about PSA’s business process management solutions or to schedule a software demonstration, please visit or email the company at

To find out more about FlowCentric Technologies or to schedule a software demonstration, please visit

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