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DVT appoints Karl Fischer as CMO

Software development and technology services company DVT has appointed Karl Fischer in a new role as chief marketing officer.

Johannesburg, 29 Jul 2020
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Karl Fischer
Karl Fischer

Karl Fischer has been with DVT for five years as a managing director of the East Coast region in South Africa, and more recently, DVT’s Coastal region, as well as head of Data and Analytics. To date, he has led multiple customer engagements both within SA and internationally across all of DVT’s service lines. Coupled with his consulting experience, Fischer will drive the digital presence of DVT, brand awareness and excellence of customer experience that have been at the core of the company through its 21 years of service.

“Karl is a true ambassador of DVT and embodies one of DVT’s key values – to make a positive impact. He has a wealth of experience in assisting clients with their digital enablement both locally and abroad. I am excited to see Karl play a vital role in DVT’s expansion in South Africa and the European market,” says DVT's CEO, Jaco van der Merwe.

Fischer's role will be taken on in addition to his existing mandate as managing director of the DVT Coastal business. The CMO role brings his skills to bear across all of DVT’s marketing and sales processes for both SA-based and international business.

The need for the CMO role has been brought more into focus with DVT’s recent appointment of DVT UK MD, Jason Bramsden, to grow the international business footprint. DVT's international growth strategy is supported through the proven feasibility of work from home for DVT customers during lockdown.

“WFH is really about ‘work from anywhere’,” says Fischer. “We have seen exceptional productivity from our team members in service of customers during the COVID-19 lockdown. Our proven capability to deliver on key, modern technology services combined with our cost-competitive positioning makes for a compelling offer to customers globally."

"We are taking our 21 years of excellence in IT service to the world at a time when what you can do matters far more than from where you do it. If you are great at what you do, the world, even in lockdown, is open to business,” notes Fischer.

DVT's expansion into the UK and European markets is supported by its parent company Dynamic Technologies. Various companies within the group of more than 1 100 staff already have a presence in the UK, US and Europe.


DVT's technology teams have been turning great ideas into great software for more than 20 years. Founded in 1999, DVT provides high impact business software solutions for clients in South Africa and across the globe. Our comprehensive solutions and resourcing services are delivered by high performing Agile technology teams that are either dedicated teams on-site/working remotely, client co-sourced, turn-key project teams or staff augmentation and professional services.

DVT's range of services includes custom software development, UX/UI design, DevOps, Cloud Application Development, BI and data analytics, Intelligent Automation including RPA, AI, Machine Learning (ML), data science, solution delivery management, business analysis, Agile consulting and training.

DVT employs more than 500 staff globally, with offices in Johannesburg, Centurion, Cape Town, Durban and the UK (London). DVT is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Dynamic Technologies, a software and technology group with 1100+ staff across South Africa, the UK, the US and Europe.

Dynamic Technologies

DVT is a Dynamic Technologies group company. Dynamic Technologies is a software and technology group with 1 100+ staff and 13 group companies providing a diverse range of technology solutions, digital services, training and related core competencies across Africa, the UK, Europe and the USA. Its group companies comprise Blue Pencil Consulting; Blue Pencil Creative; CloudSmiths; DotModus; Dynamic DNA; Dynamic Talent; Emerald Consulting; EventSmiths; Inspired Testing; SparkSmiths; and Swarm. 

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