Why do digital projects fail?

Experience could be the difference between your digital project’s success or failure –mWtech helps customers easily design, integrate and optimise new technologies with existing infrastructure.

Johannesburg, 02 Nov 2021
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From legacy to cloud, data to DevOps, mWtech's experience with designing, implementing, troubleshooting as well as optimising digital environments ensures you can achieve integration modernisation success.

For a digital project to succeed, many different requirements have to be met, such as:

  • Consideration must be given to the right technologies for business outcomes while balancing existing infrastructure and assets, such as mainframes, cloud services and data.
  • Design and implement transformation plans have to match governance and meet legislation, distribute policy as well as monitor services.
  • It must align with the business and its people through change management and user-centric principles.

The world of enterprise software will always be complex and challenging to navigate, with a lot to manage. Costly mistakes are easy to make. Many different products, solutions, companies and services can help you solve your problems, but making the right choice can be overwhelming.

This is where it becomes vital to select the right partner

At middleware technologies (mWtech), our purpose is not simply to install and configure software. We are here to make integration easier by providing solutions that are cloud-ready and support microservices architectures. mWtech quickly integrates new technologies into existing infrastructure.

How mWtech makes your digital projects succeed

The mWtech team successfully integrates disparate systems – from mainframes to cloud instances – and designs functional and sensible technology environments for enterprise customers. Our core expertise includes: webMethods, Adabas & Natural, IBM SOA, cloud migration and hosting, and DevOps.

mWtech has considerable experience working on large-scale projects for well-known brands, including Software AG, Europcar, the South African and US governments. mWtech customers benefit from our considerable experience in the following ways:

  • By providing expert advice on the most effective system integration choices;
  • Thorough research to find the best-fit integration scenarios for the client’s environment;
  • Model and document a tailored business or technical solution;
  • We will advise you on licensing compliance and cost against performance optimisation;
  • We will assist with your cloud readiness and migration; and
  • We will modernise and revitalise clients’ legacy systems through managed APIs.

Digital projects create challenges, bottlenecks and conflicting systems. A partner shouldn't just deliver – they must be able to problem-solve as well, by:

  • Firstly, identifying the problems and issues to improve business operations;
  • Upgrading and patching current systems to reduce product issues;
  • Finding the performance bottlenecks and deliver remedies; and
  • Liaise on the client’s behalf with the relevant vendors to resolve products defects.

Digital is a journey, and mWtech provides continuous optimisation and support. We can help you to refine your technologies and capabilities towards a digital strategy and business to suit your requirements:

  • We merge development and operations as one DevOps process;
  • Consistently monitor and optimise performance and availability;
  • Continuously refine capabilities against the requirements; and
  • Deliver simpler integration solutions to add more value to your business.

Our engineers have a long history in the integration space with a proven track record for building high-quality systems. We've been doing this since before it was cool!

At mWtech, we will ensure that you can get the best out of your data with our bespoke business and technical solutions tailored to meet all your needs, including licensing compliance.

We provide expert advice on what's suitable for each scenario so that it works seamlessly in your environment!

We are able to make our collective experience available to help you where it counts to create room for you to focus on other vital parts of digital transformation, such as user needs and business transformation.

Increasingly, more digital projects are succeeding thanks to the lessons learned through years of experience in the field of digital transformation through modernisation. mWtech brings such experience to every customer engagement, adapting what we know to what you need.

Don't let technology demands such as legacy, design, integration, process design, optimisation and compliance bog you down on reaching business outcomes.

Maintaining legacy applications while adding modern technology might be hard work. But we know how to overcome these challenges, so you don't have to worry about them anymore!

Contact mWtech today and learn how we can bring success to your digital transformation, as we continue to do for countless medium and large enterprise customers. 

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