Zensar launches Humané – digital employee experience transformation framework offering

Designed to manage current and post-COVID-19 workplace transformation initiatives.

Pune, India, 20 May 2020
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Zensar, a digital solutions and technology services company that specialises in partnering with global organisations on their digital transformation journey, announced the launch of Humané – its digital employee experience transformation solution.

Humané is an enterprise-grade solution designed to create impact on overall employee experience across multiple functional areas. The solution augments a company’s current HR systems and process framework with a native digital platform encompassing an end-to-end employee life cycle experience. The solution offers a customised offering with a consulting-led approach and implementation.

Sandeep Kishore, Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director, Zensar, said: The workforce of tomorrow will thrive on immersive and engaging experiences. Companies of today need to rethink how they interact with their employees. Humané, our latest offering embodies these key tenets, gleaned from our own learnings through this pandemic. We are confident that our customers will reinvent the way they connect with their people by leveraging Humané today and as they chart new workplace models in the future.”

Speaking on this announcement, Vivek Ranjan, Senior Vice-President and CHRO, Zensar commented: “Humané is designed to reimagine the complete employee experience, not only in today’s context but as a future reality post-COVID-19. Our own journey in having successfully implemented it across our global workforce lends us the confidence, ability and understanding of helping others reap the clear outcomes. Today, more than ever, companies need to focus on how to create immersive experiences for their people, which will directly affect motivation and productivity and positively impact overall business.”

The key features and benefits of Humané are described below:

  • Experience-centric modules – The solution is built on a robust compliance framework along with security protocols. The key benefit to the users is the immersive experience they enjoy and the engagement is done via a secure platform.
  • Customised design – Due to this solution being internally implemented, feedback from employees has led to a collaborative approach to design research focused on end employee expectations. This feature ensures that any specific people needs can be factored into the solution.
  • Rapid deployment – Agility drives adoption and Humané is built on tried and tested modules, making its implementation quick and easy. Due to this very important feature, companies can reap the outcomes from early on; this helps in boosting employee morale, which creates more engaged people.
  • Hyper-personalised mobile-first platform experience – Created as a native mobile-first platform, it offers personalised engagement anytime and from anywhere. The current global situation has altered the way we connect with our workforce and a solution like Humané addresses this gap.
  • In-built AI – All touch-points in the Humané platform are powered through a robust, next-generation AI-enabled engine and framework. Inclusion of AI offers more insights, in-depth views and more intuitive, immersive engagement. This helps the company to offer prompt solutions for any people-centric issues ahead of them becoming one.
  • Cross-linkage with existing systems – Humané specialises in creating a robust real-time integration layer with all core and ancillary enterprise systems. This feature aids better cost management as well as building on existing, successful frameworks.
  • Multifunctional impact – Humané combines all key HR functions, including learning and development, training, benefits, query resolution, etc, making it a one-view platform for an employee to access.

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Zensar Recognized for Excellence in Leveraging HR Technology and Excellence in HR Analytics by SHRM India

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