Mint Group wins gold for EMEA region in 2019 IAMCP Global P2P Awards Program

The global tech innovator won gold for the EMEA region in recognition of its next-generation health and education initiatives that are driving transformation.

Johannesburg, 18 Jul 2019
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Mint Group is delighted to announce that for the second year running, the global technology innovator won the gold award for the Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) region in the annual International Association of Microsoft Channel Partners (IAMCP) global partner-to-partner (P2P) competition, hosted at the global Microsoft Inspire Conference in Las Vegas.

“This award is an important recognition of the transformation driven in SA’s education and health industries, and how we achieve that through partnership,” said Mint Group CEO Carel du Toit.

Availing next-generation health and education experiences, the Mint Vision Application is changing the face of service delivery and enhancing patient and student experiences by placing people first.

“An excellent example showcasing the powerful capabilities of this solution is the education transformation project that we are implementing at the University of Venda (Univen) in Limpopo,” said Du Toit.

In 2018, Univen partnered with Mint Group and subsequently became the first university in SA to pilot the use of artificial intelligence (AI) for access control.

From the results achieved, the university will roll out multiple applications of AI across campus, availing the first Intelligent University in SA. ”Through the powerful capabilities of Azure, we empowered Univen to resolve the issue of safety, streamline staff productivity and student management, and address student performance through sentiment analysis and tracking with the Mint Vision App, a solution that will continuously drive transformation,” said Du Toit.

He added that a crucial driver to the success achieved at Univen was the partnerships that Mint Group established to ensure delivery of only the best-of-class skills and expertise, coupled with a holistic solution offering.

Mint Group partnered with Gijima as the hardware solutions provider and to ensure local EME empowerment, Mint also partnered with access management provider TAMS, which will assist with the hardware requirements.

Further driving community empowerment, Mint hired locals in the Venda community to assist with the physical implementation of the Univen transformation project.

The IAMCP Member Awards Program

Launched in 2015, the IAMCP Awards Program is designed to encourage and recognise association members for the outstanding, innovative and creative products and services they deliver through trusted P2P and channel relationships.

Partners are invited to submit applications that identify the innovation, methods and new solutions they are co-creating to help customers compete, and to include cloud computing, marketing innovation, collaboration and messaging, data analytics and business intelligence offerings.

Regions represented include APAC, EMEA and the Americas.


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