OKI printers: now standard with three-year on-site warranty

Johannesburg, 05 Sep 2011
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So confident is Printacom of the quality and reliability of the OKI printers for which it is the sole importer in southern Africa and SADEC, that it is the only company to provide a standard three-year on-site warranty on all its products. It has announced that this warranty applies to all new OKI printers sold from September 2011.

According to Martin Venter, Printacom general manager, the company can afford to do this as OKI machines rarely break down. “The market is very competitive and there are undoubtedly some good products out there. However, backing our belief that OKI is tops, we will repair any problems a customer may experience with their hardware on-site, no questions asked, within three years of purchase.”

It's a bold move, but one in which Printacom has full confidence. Here's why: “On-site repairs obviously cost money. However, until there is an actual breakdown, the cost remains theoretical.”

The reliability and performance of an OKI, he says, is unique owing to the way in which the printers are constructed. “The quality of materials and manufacturing processes is one element. However, what is different about an OKI is its LED and single-pass technology, and the fact that the paper doesn't bend as it passes through the machine. In practical terms, this means two things: one is a high print speed. The other is that there are far fewer paper jams.”

“Printing today is often an integral component of a broader business process. While end-users are certainly looking for low-cost solutions, they also want machines that won't leave them in the lurch at the critical moment,” says Venter. “That's what OKI printers set out to achieve: affordable, high-quality LED printing, in black or in full colour, with ultimate reliability.”

While he says there will always be some cases where customers will call on the three-year, on-site warranty, that number is so low that Printacom can cover all OKI machines with this generous protection. “OKI machines are designed to deliver when you need it. And Printacom stands behind our dealer channel to ensure that reliability is backed with quality service,” Venter concludes.

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Printacom Technologies, a member of the MB Technologies group of companies, is the sole authorised vendor of the OKI Printing Solutions, TallyGenicom and Tally Dascom Line Printers brands of printer and printer consumables in South Africa and sub-Saharan Africa, including the Southern African Development Countries (SADC) region.

The Tally Genicom range of line matrix technology is supplied by Printronix, while thermal and dot matrix printing by Dascom.

Ranked among the top three printer brands worldwide with representation in 120 countries worldwide, OKI Printing Solutions specialises in designing, developing, manufacturing and marketing business printing solutions which empower organisations to communicate more effectively. More information about OKI is available at:

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