Pluto Internet boosts security offering with MailMarshal Service Provider Edition

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Internet service provider (ISP) Pluto Internet has beefed up its e-mail security services with the rollout of MailMarshal Service Provider Edition (SPE), which the ISP bought from 10Net ICT Solutions, the Marshal distributor in South Africa.

Pluto Internet provides Internet connectivity to home users, small-office home-office users (SOHO) and small and medium-size businesses. Services range from basic analogue dial-up connections to high-speed Diginet connectivity, including DSL, both capped and uncapped, fixed IP address solutions and 3G/HSDPA.

"Viruses and malicious code, propagated mainly through the Internet, can wreak havoc on PCs and the corporate network. We wanted to give our clients peace of mind by offering them a high-grade, quality product to combat spam, viruses and malware," says Graeme Walker, technical manager at Pluto Internet. "At the same time, we wanted to give them content management ability. After evaluating over 50 products, it was clear to us that MailMarshal SPE was number one."

For an ISP that wants to offer a commercial product, as opposed to a freebie from the Internet, backup and support are important, Walker notes, "We also took into account manageability and the fact that MailMarshal has an interface that is easy to work with and gives users the ability to manage their own mail."

MailMarshal SPE enables ISPs to offer hosted e-mail security services that can be tailored to their customers` specific requirements. Services include e-mail content filtering, policy control, archiving, reporting and the ability to grant different levels of administration access rights to service providers` customers` own administrators. MailMarshal is available to Pluto subscribers at a cost of R20 per mailbox, per month, paid annually, thus making it very affordable.

"It`s a business solution specifically intended for ISPs like Pluto Internet," says Mike Hibbert, EMEA Service Provider lead at Marshal. "The software`s intuitive, centralised management console makes it easy for ISP staff to manage policies, user accounts and messages spread across multiple servers located in geographically distributed locations. Its architecture naturally lends itself to a hosted environment, because it is highly scalable and provides an extremely redundant array architecture design for up to 99,999% network availability. Both of these are critical to an efficient hosted service."

The product also gives ISPs the flexibility and granularity to tailor their e-mail security services and grant different levels of administration access rights to match the requirements of each customer. For example:

* Policy control - inbound and outbound e-mail policy control can be tailored to meet customer requirements, with service providers able to offer pre-set levels of policy control, or individually customisable policies, for each customer;
* Archiving - e-mail archives can be set up to be searchable by the service provider or the customer;
* Reporting - customers can be offered the ability to run their own reports in realtime or run at pre-set intervals. Reports can cover a range of criteria including the number of viruses blocked, the volume of spam that has been filtered and many more.

"With MailMarshal SPE, service providers can offer their customers a hosted version of what is one of the world`s top three e-mail content security software products," says Hibbert.

Walker agrees, adding that MailMarshal SPEs easy to manage centralised interface provides resellers with the ability to manage MailMarshal for customers and do their own provisioning.

"We have created a single client interface with single sign-on so customers and resellers can log on once and access any of the systems," adds Walker. "It also offers a number of great features that no other vendor can offer for the service provider market."

Pluto Internet bought MailMarshal Service Provider Edition from 10Net ICT Solutions, Marshal`s distributor in South Africa.

MailMarshal Service Provider Edition is a business enablement solution for managed service providers and Internet service providers to offer hosted e-mail content security services to any size business and SOHO customers. It combines e-mail filtering, anti-spam, anti-virus, anti-pornography, anti-phishing, policy compliance, e-mail archiving and reporting into a centrally managed, highly scalable architecture. MailMarshal SPE is priced according to the total number of active e-mail users.


Marshal is a global leader in content security across multiple protocols, enabling organisations to secure their IT environment, protect against threats and comply with corporate governance needs. Marshal provides customers with a complete portfolio of policy-driven e-mail and Internet solutions that integrate content filtering, compliance, secure messaging and archiving. Forty percent of the Global Fortune 500 companies use Marshal security solutions to secure their corporate messaging networks and Web access against internal abuse and external threats such as viruses, spam and malicious code. More than 7 million users in over 18 000 companies worldwide use Marshal solutions to protect their networks, employees, business assets and corporate reputation and to comply with corporate governance legislation requirements.

Marshal is headquartered in London (UK) with offices in Atlanta (USA), Auckland (New Zealand), Houston (USA), Johannesburg (South Africa), Munich (Germany), Paris (France) and Sydney (Australia). More information is available at

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