White paper: Build a modern, unified analytics data platform with Google Cloud

Johannesburg, 29 Mar 2022
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There is no shortage of data being created. IDC research indicates that worldwide data will grow to 175 zettabytes by 2025. The volume of data being generated every day is staggering, and it is increasingly difficult for companies to collect, store and organise it in a way that is accessible and usable. In fact, 90% of data professionals say their work has been slowed by unreliable data sources. Around 86% of data analysts struggle with data that is out of date, and more than 60% of data workers are impacted by having to wait on engineering resources each month while their data is cleaned and prepared. 

Inefficient organisational structures and architectural decisions contribute to the gap that companies have between aggregating data and making it work for them. Companies want to move to the cloud to modernise their data analytics systems, but that alone doesn’t solve the underlying issues around siloed data sources and brittle processing pipelines. 

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