The modern workplace is becoming dangerous

Johannesburg, 10 Jun 2021
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Trusted South African insurance and investment brand PPS was hit by a cyber attack only a few months ago, according to Business Insider SA.

After experiencing system outages, the company confirmed to Netwerk24 that it was the victim of a malicious cyber attack.

Luckily, according to PPS, its data was not compromised. Other companies are not always that fortunate. Cyber crime is on the rise globally and South Africa is no exception.

CNA Financial, one of the largest insurance companies in the US, reportedly paid hackers approximately R550 million ($40 million) after a ransomware attack blocked access to the company's network and stole its data. This is according to a report from Bloomberg's Kartikay Mehrotra and William Turton published weeks ago.

South African business leaders must take a firm stance against cyber crime. Leaders need to be intentional in their approach when it comes to protecting their digital assets. Data is the most vital company asset and a reactive approach can be treacherous.

With the sunset of the POPIA grace period, leaders are under more pressure than ever to aggressively protect data. Protection is not only about the use of sophisticated threat detection and management technologies. Sizeable investments in new software may not be the answer here.

The correct place to start is to ensure the company productivity platform is fully and correctly deployed. The bulk of work and associated data is transacted via the core productivity platform, making it vulnerable to attack.

Choice of platform is arguably the most pivotal decision. Business leaders need the tailored guidance of experts. Leaders can consult the guidance of experts for a limited period by visiting

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