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Further accolade for IoT.nxt at TT100 2019

Centurion, 29 Nov 2019
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André Jacobs, Director of Product Engineering at IoT.nxt
André Jacobs, Director of Product Engineering at IoT.nxt

Innovators in Internet of things (IOT) technology IoT.nxt won the Management of Technology Award for Medium Enterprises at the annual Da Vinci TT100 awards presentation this month, adding to its impressive list of accolades achieved since the company’s establishment late in 2015.

In addition to its win in that category, IoT.nxt was a finalist in all categories of the TT100 award programme, launched in 1991.

For the Management of Technology, the judging panel considers the 'tools' and metrics organisations use to gain competitive advantage. Simplistically, it is “a way of doing things better” and may involve the use of anything from computers and hi-tech, to project management processes, to simple handheld tools. In this context, we refer to the small "t” in technology where organisations manage their technology to best position their products or services to maximise their market share.

“IoT.nxt’s trademarked edge device, the Raptor, is a game-changer for IOT solutions. We believe that this, combined with our technology-agnostic approach and the ability to retrofit any legacy equipment at any company in any industry secured the award for us. We are very proud of this achievement and it confirms our belief that our innovate approach is world-leading,” says André Jacobs, Director of Product Engineering at IoT.nxt.

“When we entered in 2016, IoT.nxt was still in start-up phase, yet we received recognition as a finalist in the category for innovation for small enterprises. Now, three years later, our company is well established, we have international offices in Europe and the USA and a proven solution. It is testament to the dedication of our team and the innovation culture that remains strong,” Jacobs says.

Earlier awards for IoT.nxt:

  • Microsoft 2019 Partner of the Year, Independent Software Vendor (ISV)
  • 2019 Gartner Notable Vendor for IIoT
  • Enterprise solution category winner and overall winner of the MTN Business IoT Award 2017
  • Gartner Aspiring Innovator 2016


IoT.nxt’s IoT platform is a digital transformation enabler making the Internet of Things a reality. IoT.nxt unlocks exponential business value by harnessing the power of system and device interoperability. Their unique technology stack bridges the gap between all protocols in the industrial ecosystem, creating a single integration/translation point. Its patented Raptor gateway allows organisations to retrofit all existing legacy systems with no rip and replace. A powerful data abstraction model further translates anything and everything from the edge, supporting a true subscription based big data model. IoT.nxt has offices in South Africa, The Netherlands and USA. South African telecoms company Vodacom, a subsidiary of Vodafone, acquired a majority stake in IoT.nxt in 2019 which will drive the companies’ global roll-out of IoT solutions. 

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