Mimecast debuts Global Citizenship programme

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Mimecast boosts workforce development.
Mimecast boosts workforce development.

Email and data security company Mimecast, has introduced a programme called 'Global Citizenship' that aims to support a range of community non-profits through workforce development and IT infrastructure.

According to Mimecast, the programme formalises its social responsibility efforts and encourages its employees to participate in the various charitable initiatives in their surrounding communities.

Andrea Forsht, director of employee engagement at Mimecast, says the programme is made up of three pillars: the 'Mimecast Charitable Fund', 'Matching Gift Program' and 'Volunteer Leave'.

"Through Global Citizenship, we aim to support health and human services, education, and community non-profits," she adds.

Developing skills

The Mimecast Charitable Fund, which is a company fund launched in conjunction with The Boston Foundation, supports non-profit organisations in the US, UK and Australia.

As part of the programme, Mimecast is working with Human Doings, and iSchool Africa, to improve the numeracy skills of students at Emfundisweni Primary School in Johannesburg, and provides access to iPads and digital education technology.

Forsht says Mimecast is committed to the development of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) skills and this project is helping to grow these skills from foundation phase.

Mimecast SA also sponsors 'fun days' that give employees the opportunity to volunteer and spend time with children outside of the classroom. A partnership with the Tomorrow Trust provides for a smaller group of Emfundisweni learners to participate in weekend and holiday programmes.

Mimecast also sponsored a mobile clinic where a nurse, an optometrist and an oral hygienist visited Emfundisweni Primary School to deliver preventative healthcare services.

Workforce development

In addition to SA's programme, the company is partnering with Year UP in North America to offer a workforce development programme; with Arrival Education in the UK, which sees staff volunteer at workshops, coaching programs and group activities; and with the Big Issue in Australia, that brings a developmental employment program to willing, unemployed and marginalised adults.

Mimecast is also supporting its saff's personal charitable initiatives. The company is matching independent employee charitable donations and offers up to five additional days of paid time off each year for individual service volunteer work.

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