Data Shack: data science, out of Africa

Johannesburg, 13 Aug 2018
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As data scientists and business analysts, we are used to solving business problems with analytics. But, what if you need to travel days across a desert to a diamond mine, travel out to the world's largest telescope (mobile phones strictly prohibited), or wait for a helicopter to take you to work on a deep-sea mega-ship.

Welcome to Anni Russel's world.

Russel is based in South Africa. She is a data scientist and the founder of Data Shack, a TIBCO partner that, for over 20 years, has provided advanced analytics, consultancy and training across Africa and Asia.

Join Russel as we talk about using AI and ML across beautiful but often hostile environments. In this session, Russel will discuss projects that include:

* Using data (and AI drones) to help protect one of the world's biggest diamond miners;
* Working with the largest telescope in the world: the Square Kilometre Array; and
* Helping to protect endangered species, like the African rhino, with predictive analytics.

So, if you have had a hard day getting into the office, join us as we explore 'Data science: out of Africa'.

Click here to watch the Webinar.


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