Hospital implements self-service kiosks

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Hospital implements self-service kiosks

Children's Memorial Hospital of Chicago has added the My Patient Passport Express kiosk for its patient check-in programme, states Self Service.

The My Patient Passport Express kiosk allows patients to check-in, make future appointments and update their medical history all using a user-friendly touchscreen.

Patients can use their credit card to make co-pay payments, and sign documents using the integrated electronic signature pad. The kiosks also provide records updating, co-pay payment acceptance and wayfinding and mapping features.

Bank expands self-service network

With a solution powered by Diebold, customers of the Agricultural Bank of China can now interact effortlessly with their financial institution through an expanded self-service network, says Earthtimes.

The network includes an additional 1 400 Opteva automated teller machines and Bulk Cash Recyclers.

This relationship with Diebold provides Agricultural Bank of China a greater reach into its widespread customer base, which will benefit from the many new banking services and enhanced accessibility the Opteva 328 ATM offers.

Fishers gets self-service post office

A self-service postal facility in Fishers opened today, states 93.1 WIBC.

The self-standing structure offers 24-hour access with nearly all postal services available through two automated postal centres and 200 post office boxes available for rent.

The postal service may consider additional self-service centres based upon the success of the Fishers facility.

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