Striata Reader supports Windows 7

Johannesburg, 08 Jan 2010
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Keeping up with the pace of technology, global eDocuments, eBilling and eMarketing software application developer and services specialist, Striata, has ensured that the Striata Reader is compatible with Windows 7.

2010 is here and with every new year, our resolutions ultimately echo the following sentiment: “Out with the old and in with the new.” This is evermore appropriate for all the 'techno junkies' out there - who like to keep pace with technology and have been asking for a Windows 7 version of the Striata Reader.

Following the release of Windows 7 in October 2009, spurring millions of computer users across the globe to upgrade accordingly, Striata wasted no time in making sure that the Striata Reader is compatible. The Striata Reader is a proprietary decryption software package used by the financial services, telecommunications, insurance and utility industries to deliver confidential information via a secure .emc e-mail attachment.

The .emc file format is highly flexible and can therefore service a number of secure document delivery needs, including: Encrypted e-mail attachments that contain eBills, eStatements, eInvoices, ePolicies etc. These electronic documents are exact replicas of their paper counterparts but can provide additional interactive features such as the ability to log queries or issue payments electronically.

Striata clients who are currently making use of the Striata Reader include large financial institutions such as Standard Bank, Absa, Nedbank, Investec and Diners Club - all of which continue to focus on security and convenience in delivering their statements electronically even if they have recently upgraded to Windows 7.

The updated Striata Reader can be found at


Striata is passionate about reducing the challenges and costs associated with traditional communication. We understand the power and efficiency of electronic communication, from marketing and operational messages, to the delivery of confidential documents securely by e-mail. Striata specialises in the secure delivery and payment of bills, statements, payslips, invoices and all other confidential documents, via encrypted email, and in maximising the adoption of electronic solutions.

Striata has been a provider of software and services in the electronic messaging arena since 1999 and has offices in New York, London, Hong Kong, Sydney and Johannesburg. Visit for more information.

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